1-on-1 Healthy Eating Coaching

New 1-on-1 mentoring for healthy eating!
Starting Thursday June 7, 2018!
This is for those who are seriously determined to shed pounds this summer and want individual coaching. I can work with you with whatever eating method you choose. You can read about the method I chose by getting my ebook here. I have maintained that 70 lb loss for 2 years now. Some people respond better to individual coaching than group coaching so if that’s you please join me!

(The time span between these pics is about 7 months. It’s so liberating knowing that I will never go back to that unhealthy weight again. I have the knowledge and determination to stay at a healthy weight!)

Cost: $97 for four 55 minute sessions on the four Thursdays in June using video chat or long-distance phone. So you must have Internet connection or long-distance service to do this. 
Early Bird Discount Price is $74 if you register by Tuesday May 22 midnight MDT  I have extended the Early Bird Price to last through midnight Tuesday May 29, 2018 MDT.
Each session is 55 minutes.
Register by going to paypal.com and paying $74 to info (at) treeoflifemothering (dot) com (Please put the @ and the . in the right places.)
if done by midnight Monday May 28. After that time the price goes up to $97.
Indicate in the notes box what time you want on Thursdays:
1, 2, 3, or 4 PM MDT
starting Thursday June 7, 2018
I will get back to you to confirm the time. If you order by May 28, I will send you the ebook as a bonus gift for registering!