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What to Watch for the Week of Reformation/Halloween/Heroween

This is the week I’ve struggled with as a mom for 23 years. I won’t go into all the reasons I don’t like Halloween right now. This post here shows my thoughts which I wrote up years ago. Since I … Continue reading

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Celebrating Heroween/All Saints’ Day

I absolutely loved General Conference! So many wonderful stories! My favorite stories were the two that Elder Gary Stevenson told. Both involved the innocence of children in not understanding true identity. In the first story, he said that he discovered … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Spice Popcorn

I’ve been making this popcorn since my early days of mothering when I joined La Leche League (LLL). I got it from LLL’s Whole Foods for Kids to Cook cookbook. It’s one of the easiest treat or party foods to … Continue reading

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Picture Books for October 2020

Fall has never been my favorite season, I admit. I am learning to love it more and more every year as I embrace all it offers with the idea of hygge, the cider and pumpkins and all. Having fall-themed delightful … Continue reading

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Our All Saints’ Day Celebration

We did it! We had our All Saints’ Day Celebration last night.     We gathered around the “electronic fireplaces” (laptops/iPad) as a family to discuss the Saints Vol. 1 book. I had wanted to do it on Friday, which … Continue reading

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Out of the Best Books: Classics We Enjoyed October 2019

  We started this one in June, in scribd, on audio, and finally finished. Delightful, but I must say, my mind kept wandering. My 13 year old loves it the most. I plan on finishing the series. Great for building … Continue reading

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All Treats no Tricks #3: My Missionary Son Came Home!

Here’s my final  post in my series of “all treats no tricks.” (Post #1 is here, Post #2 is here.) My missionary son came home after serving an honorable two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day … Continue reading

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Hero Journey/Covenant Path Story #2: Nancy Hilton

In October, I use the theme of heroes and saints for the theme of my family devotionals. It’s a perfect prelude to Halloween, which is a corruption of All Hallow’s Eve, the eve of All Saints Day, November 1, a … Continue reading

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The Hero’s Journey or the Happiness Journey, and Hero Story #1

Here is a video about the Hero’s Journey. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hero’s Journey lately. I remember first learning about in my high school AP English class. Then I forgot about it for a long time.  Then … Continue reading

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