This is me with my first baby in 1993 with a NoJo padded sling.


Babywearing is so much fun! You get to keep your baby close to you and get your work done too. So many options abound today, you can have a baby carrier for different outfits and seasons! You get comfort for baby, help for you in “getting something done” and fun and fashion to boot


Here are some links to learn more about babywearing.

This site has some videos that show how to use a front cross carry, and even how to nurse when your baby is inside one


If you decide you want an Ergo baby carrier, please buy one from La Leche League of Logan.


This is me with dh and Baby #4 and our second NoJo. Slings make babies a lot more portable. We took him to a stake Valentine’s Day dance and danced the night away. Now he is an active 10 year old.

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