being fruitful

A Tree of Life mom is into being fruitful: both in terms of good works and when possible, many children. Because she goes through seasons she has time for rest and renewal to prevent burning out.

Here are some helpful web sites I have found to help her in her journey of prolific producing: is a great guide to using a dehydrator to preserve your garden harvest. You can also preserve frozen vegetables from the store, a great idea for when they go on sale. and will help with maintaining fitness. One mom who used T-tapp exercises went from a size 22 to size 6 and has maintained the size 6 for three years! is by the author of the book Large Family Logistics, Kim Brenneman. Lots of tips at this site!

A companion site to the one above is It has so many terrific tutorials. was started by a mom of seven who spends only $400 a month on her grocery bill, because of couponing. Go there to learn tips to reduce your food budget. Saving money can be one of the fruits of your prolific production.

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