cool audios

We all know about If you want a free resource of classic literature read aloud to put on your iPod or smartphone or just listen to on your computer, check out

At, you can get many works by such great authors as Louisa May Alcott, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Booker T. Washington,  Shakespeare, and so many more. The narrators are volunteer amateurs, so they aren’t professional, but that’s OK, it’s free! Sometimes when we fold laundry I will pull up a story from this site.

Currently, we are listening to “Our Island Story” by H.E. Marshall. It is the history of Great Britain. It sells for $50 or so on CDs, at, but you can get it free at the above link. My six year old daughter loves it, she says “It’s interesting!”

The LDS Church has all of its magazines, including the Friend, for children, in audio format. When we go on long trips we like to download the current month’s issue. See Then click on “current issue” over on the left. Then it will open up to a page listing the table of contents for the current issue so you can download. If you don’t know how to download, grab a teenager in your home or your neighbor’s and get them to help you. Bribe with cookies if necessary.

Speaking of the LDS church, you can also get the manuals as audio downloads. So for you super busy moms, you can listen to the lesson before Sunday instead of having to sit down and read it, which seems impossible, I know, unless you are nursing a baby.

I love all the new LDS children’s music that has come out in the Friend. Here’s where you can get it all,17631,7206-1,00.html has one free recording to download each month. 

Syd Lieberman, over at is a master storyteller. He has some free recordings at that link. I love the Summer of Treason, the story of 1776.

For my little children, we like to listen to and, especially when folding laundry.

Focus on the Family does great Christian shows for children about developing character traits with their Adventure in Odyssey programs,

Another great resource for stories from the Bible and also history with a Christian perspective, is Click on “podcasts” on the left for free excerpts of the stories, to buy the full versions, click on “products.” The mp3 files are only $2 each!, the web site of BYU’s radio station, has a daily show called Thinking Aloud that interviews scholars. You will learn so much from listening to these podcasts, go here to get them,

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