Family Night Movie Review: Princess Cut

We watched the movie Princess Cut as a family last week. This is one of those movies where you feel the people behind it had great intentions, but…the acting is not the best and the movie has some super cheesy spots. It did make us laugh out loud a few times. I liked it though. It’s a good clean family movie. It gives you food for thought about courtship and dating and how parents can play a role in those processes. I was pondering how many stars to give it as I brushed my teeth after it was over. Then my husband walked into the bathroom and said, “Oh, that movie was horrible! Oh the writing was bad, the plot line was bad…” He continued to rant and rant. He thought it was awful, I thought it was cute and fun and worth watching. Just goes to show how different we are. The kids liked it but thought it was cheesy too. My 21 year old daughter’s boyfriend watched it with us so that was fun to laugh with him. Not surprisingly, my daughter liked it. She tends to like the things I like, but she said she didn’t like how the two main characters treated their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. I hadn’t noticed that at the time. True, they were rather rude, like they were dropping a hot potato. So I guess I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. If you can handle that rudeness, awkward acting moments and cheesiness, go watch it on Amazon Prime Video and enjoy a fairly good clean movie!