for sale

I have the following items for sale.

Back issues of Mothering magazines. $3 each, or set of at least 14 for $40. I have more back issues from the 80s, and if I find them, you can get them with this set for the same price of $40 for all.

Leslie Householder’s CD set “Working with the Laws of Success.” It’s a set of 8 CDs, retails for $185 at, you can have it for $75. I happen to have two sets so want to liquidate one.

I also have a FTMF (Family, Time, Money, Freedom) Course by Leslie Householder. It is a home-study course where you get to have  goal reviewed by Leslie with some mentoring. It retails for $847, you can have it for $200!

Mathusee algebra inserts, brand new. $10, retails for $20 at

Scribble Art, $5. Full of art projects.

Michael Dowdle CDs. $5 each for $20 takes the set.

Comment below if you are interested in any of the items. Also, if you want to sell something, please feel free to put an ad for it in the comments box with a link to your blog/web site if you have a better description there.

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