I love pretty hair! It’s amazing how a new ‘do can lift my spirits more than new clothes. I’ve had my share of bad hair days, but I think I have finally made peace with my naturally curly hair and figured out how to work with it. It’s fun to wear it curly or straight, and then to try out all of these styles as well! It’s one of my “passion projects.” If you take my Mothers Who Know class you will learn all about what a passion project is.

Here are my favorite resources for styling hair. These are all for longer hair, like shoulder length or longer. I can do a few of them on my daughter’s hair, which goes to her jawline, so some can be done on shorter hair.

If you are into Dressing Your Truth, I’m drawn to the Types 1, 2, and 4 looks. So most of these might not resonate with you Type 3s. I have included one video from each of my favorite hair bloggers, with the link to their youtube channel so you can watch the rest of their amazing tutorials. I put the Duggar girls hair below fibecause I am such a fan of them, but that’s the only hair tutorial they’ve done. The links below all have tons of videos over on Youtube so be sure to check them all out.

For younger females:

For older females, including moms: This blogger, Kate, is an actual beautician so her tutorials are technically informative. She also has great tutorials about how to achieve different curls with a curling wand, curling iron, hot rollers and a flat iron. Oh, and she teaches how to use makeup too. So does Missy Sue, the blogger I listed above. often has ideas for older females, especially when Mindy, the mom, shows how to do her own hair. Here is one where she shows how to enhance the curl in naturally wavy hair with a blow dryer and diffuser. I love the look!

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