Let’s Learn How to do Herbs

My friend Amy Jones of LDS Holistic Living is hosting the following at her home:


Making Herbal Remedies Class
Friday, May 27
10 am to noon
Jones Residence
Register here to get directions

Please feel free to forward
No potluck this time
Cost: FREE
                                             Optional Materials Packet: $15                                             
Optional Tincture Kit: $35
Optional Encapsulation Kit: $30
Optional Salve Kit:  $25
Deadline to buy kits: May 19
Please, no mobile babies or toddlers.  Teens and Tween welcome.

Have you ever wanted to:

   * Afford more natural remedies?
   * Customize your medicines?
   * Make sure you are getting the highest quality remedies around?
   * Feel empowered that you CAN do this yourself?
   * Eliminate spending money on the nasty fillers that so many companies put in their products?
In this 2 hour workshop you will gain invaluable tools and
knowledge on tincturing your own herbal remedies, and
making salves, or ointments.  The two hour class includes:
   * Hands on demonstration of tincture method
   * Hands on demonstration of salve making
*Hands on demo of encapsulation method
*Hands on demo to make aromatic sprays
   * Roundtable discussion of herbs and their benefits throughout the class
   * As part of your materials packet, Recipes for common tinctures and salves and samples of our tinctures and salves made.  You will go home with a tincture and a salve.
*  Tincture kit includes everything you need to get started tincturing.  2 glass lidded pitchers, muslin, glycerin, 4 oz dropper bottle and herbs enough to go home and make 24+ oz of your own herbal tincture.  Packet with recipes sold separately.
*  Encapsulation kit includes everything you need to start encapsulating.  Encapsulation machine, capsules and herbs enough to make 120 capsules.  Packet with recipes sold separately.
*  Salve kit includes almost everything you need to start salve making.  8 two oz jars, olive oil, organic unbleached beeswax, herbs and jar.  You provide the heat source and double boiler.   Packet with recipes sold separately.

Register For Free & Buy Kits Here!

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