looking lovely

Who says you have to have unshaven legs, wear no makeup, and look like you just woke up from the 80s just because you are a naturally crunchy mom? Just as trees look best when beautifully groomed (think, pruning), so do moms. It’s OK to look lovelier with makeup and maintenance! A Tree of Life Mom revels in her beauty and attractiveness, seeking to improve it in healthy ways without obsessing about it.

Here are some of my favorite blogs/sites to help you with beauty and fashion

http://designmom.com is by an LDS mom who blogs about motherhood and design

http://myyellowsandbox.blogspot.com has a hairstyling ebook for mom hair

http://conselle.com is by Judith Rasband, LDS fashion consultant

http://paulabegoun.com has great makeup reviews and tutorials

http://rapunzelsresource.wordpress.com is a blog for young ladies and moms with long hair

and for those blessed with naturally curly hair like my daughter and I are, there’s http://ylcf.org/

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