Mentoring for Moms

Would you like mentoring to be the kind of wife and mother you want to be? Do you want to increase your joy and power as a mom? Do you want to feel a sense of passionate adventure, that every day in your life as a mom is like Christmas?

Come change your roots in your tree of life mothering so you can taste sweet fruits! You will learn powerful concepts to release blocks and unconscious emotions that prevent you from being the mother you’ve always wanted to be. Claim your power as a wife and mother to have a joyful exciting marriage, and a solid foundation of trust, love, discipline, obedience, and playfulness with your children.

I am happy to mentor moms! Let me help you have the wifing and mothering experience you want to have, in regards to being a wife, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, organizing, using natural family planning, cooking whole foods (Nourishing Traditions-wise), healing with essential oils, homeschooling, and finding joy and peace amidst it all!

I have almost 20 years experience being a mom. Here is a bit about me:

  • mother of 7, ages 19 to 3
  • have breastfed for a combined total of over 20 years!
  • 5 natural births, 4 home births, 2 hospital births
  • believer in natural healing, various modalities, including muscle testing, energy work, essential oils, and herbs.
  • survived husband’s unemployment a few times
  • have potty-trained 7 kids!
  • my kids are still here and they love me!
  • graduate of BYU, 1992, B.S. degree in zoology
  • have homeschooled for over 12 years, and with 6 more kids to go, have no end in sight! Oldest child got scholarships to two private colleges.
  • wrote a book for moms, see the tab on this page, “my book”
  • love to write, read, play piano, connect people, and talk!

If you want to experience group mentoring from me, come take my Mothers Who Know Course!

“Mothers Who Know has changed my life. For many years I have struggled with establishing daily habits that I was beginning to think were impossible at this stage in my life. Although I knew how important daily prayer, scripture study, and journal writing were, I just couldn’t figure out how to consistently fit it all in to my busy schedule. The knowledge and support I received in the class has made all the difference. Not only am I succeeding with these goals, my level of discernment has increased. I am more often able to detect and repel Satan’s temptation as well as hear and faithfully obey the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. I am more confident in my ability to lead, protect, and empower my children. It is so exciting to be able to give them tools to resist temptation and build their faith.  I am eternally grateful and I know every family can be strengthened through the principles taught in this class.”-Nicole, Ut

If you want individual mentoring, then here’s the deal:

Mother Bear Package:

  • Mentoring appointments are 30 minutes each
  • $40 each appointment
  • minimum of at least 3 appointments
  • you will experience a gentle intensity of concepts and action steps to complete

Motherlode Package

  • Mentoring appointments are 60 minutes long
  • $80 each
  • minimum of at least 3 appointments
  • you will experience a medium level of intensity in terms of concepts and action steps to complete

Mother of All Living Package

  • Mentoring appointments are 90 minutes long
  • $120 each
  • minimum of at least 3 appointments
  • you will experience a high level of intensity in terms of concepts and action steps to complete

Please email me at info at treeoflifemothering dot com to set up the appointments. Openings are Tues, Thurs, and Sat between 1 and 6 PM MT.

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