natural healing

Here are some of my favorite resources for natural healing:

Essential oils are at the top of my list. By using them, I love that I can treat my family with herbs that are much more powerful than tinctures. Here’s what I have been treating my family for in the past while: chicken pox, sore throat, headaches, high fevers that interfere with sleeping, stomach aches, colds, allergies, bee stings. It has been wonderful to know that I am using a natural product from the earth, that works powerfully to relieve pain and ease itching, and has no toxins.

If you or a family member suffer from digestive problems, behavior problems, inability to focus, being overweight or underweight, a short temper, sleeping problems, ADD, ADHD, autism, headaches, migraines, mood swings, or any of the health issues listed here you might benefit from healing with a GAPS diet.

Tara of Happy in the Kitchen with Tara shared her knowledge of how to do the GAPS diet with some great resources. To listen on the phone, dial (610) 214-0100, then access code 738747. You will be asked for a reference number. It is 4. Go to this link to get the download for your mp3 player.

You can watch a series of GAPS videos here, done by a mom from Orem, Utah who healed her son’s colitis by putting him on the GAPS diet.

You can look at a Power Point here about using oils for mood disorders.

The GAPS diet can also help with depression. teaches how to use the energy force of the body to heal the body. is the place where you can listen to David and Fawn Christopher do their radio show on herbs and herbal healing every Saturday morning. is the web site for Dr. Melvin C. Fish. He explains spiritual terms in a universal way in his interesting books about energy and light and healing and spirits. is the site of Dr Claudia Keyworth, who does energy work. She has lots of resources and links on her site. She used to be a “legal drug pusher,” or pharmaceutical sales rep, and learned all about the dark side of the pharma industry. She realized the industry had big problems and decided that the natural way is the better way to be healthy. 

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