other free stuff

For free downloads of recordings I made at the 2009 Natural Family Living for LDS moms Conference, go to the “downloads” tab at this site. Speakers include inspiring LDS moms like Leslie Householder and Diann Jeppson.

For a new freebie every weekday, go to http://www.homeschoolfreebie.wholesomechildhood.com/

For links to cool audios and texts of classic literature, go to the tabs “cool audios” and “free classic read alouds.”

To enter drawings for free stuff like baby carriers, go to the tab “giveaways”

For free flannelboard scripture stories, go here http://chocolateonmycranium.blogspot.com/2007/11/flannel-board-stories.htmlThis Mormon mom has compiled all the links to the flannelboard stories published by the LDS children’s magazine, The Friend, in one place!  You can even print them in color! One year my sister in law colored all of these and made them up for my kids for Christmas. We took them to church and they loved playing with them as quiet toys during sacrament meeting. This lady here http://alittleofthis—alittleofthat.blogspot.com/2010/01/felt-figure-fun.html has created a tutorial for how to print them directly onto fabric, how cool is that?!

The LDS Church has free Bible videos now, go here http://lds.org/bible-videos/?lang=eng

I enjoy watching the free shows at http://byutv.org The show about American history, called American Ride, fascinates even my little children. http://byutv.org/show/06d93297-b6fa-49f5-8cce-6bd555b563af. I feel like I am finally understanding American history, even though I passed the American history AP test in high school.

I also like the Food Nanny shows on BYUTV. http://byutv.org/show/4f383f98-6b31-4661-a832-e73a27a4d6ab. They are a reality show with an LDS mom of seven, Liz Edmunds, who gives people “makeovers” by showing them how to fix and have family dinner.

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