Other LDS Crunchy Mom Stuff

For information on cloth diapers, go to my friend Deann’s site at http://newtoclothdiapers.com/


To learn about elimination communication, go to http://diaperfreebaby.org


For podcasts about breastfeeding and attachment parenting, listen here http://www.mommysmilkandmore.com/

For info on healing children’s cavities, and yours too, go to http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/how-i-healed-my-childs-cavity/ or http://curetoothdecay.com

No cavities!


My friend Karen has a great blog that goes into detail about how to homeschool with an “organic education” philosophy, http://thetaleofourquest.blogspot.com


A site I love to learn about homecooking, homeschooling and being a Dr. Mom is http://www.momessentials.net/


Diane Hopkins, LDS mom of seven and grandmother to more, has a site that is also great: http://www.homeschooling.net/blog/


The best source of nutrition facts and why you should eat real food is http://www.westonaprice.org/. To know how to practically apply these principles, the site http://thehealthyhomeeconomist.com is so cool! You will find lots of great information, like how to heal your child’s cavities naturally and what eating healthy really means. Here’s a video from that site (click on the link below).



My friend Amy Cox Jones, founder of LDS Holistic LIving, shares her story of how she treated her children’s whooping cough here http://www.birthologie.com/parenting/adventures-in-pertussis-whooping-cough-x-5/




To learn about kefir, what it is and why you should use it: http://users.sa.chariot.net.au/~dna/kefirpage.html


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