Playlist for Dances

“If you can say that a song is spiritually inspiring or that it urges you to see yourself in a more noble perspective, the music is worthwhile. If it merely entertains or lifts your spirits, then it also has a useful place. But if it makes you want to respond in a carnal, sensual way or to consider unrighteous desires, then that music should be avoided. It is not worthy.” ~ Boyd K. Packer 
Is it possible to have only songs that encourage the spirit? YES.
We used some of these songs at a dance for the Tree of Liberty Youth Conference. 

Mood Indigo – Louis Armstrong – Slow 4/4 (foxtrot)

Seven come Eleven – Charlie Christian – Swing

You and I Both – Jason Mraz – twostep

Hold On – Michael Buble – Slow (Rumba?, two-step?, Foxtrot?)

Everything – Michael Buble – Cha-cha

Say – John Mayer – Slow 4/4

Sleep All Day – Jason Miraz – Fast-Medium 4/4 triple swing

Waiting – Now People – Slow

Bubbly – Colbie Caillat – Rumba 

This Will Be – Natalie Cole –

The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra –

When You Believe – Leon Jackson

All I do Is Dream of You – Michael Buble

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