She’s Engaged!


My family is expanding! Nope, not in the way that involves my waistline!!! In December I will get a son-in-law! Yep, earlier this month my daughter’s boyfriend popped the question. He made the proposal totally unique to their talents and how they met. They are both software engineering majors. She graduated in July, and he will graduate next year, from college. So he wrote the proposal on our patio with sidewalk chalk in computer code and referred to something like an infinite loop, which is a real thing in programming language, alluding to them getting married in the temple for time and eternity. Get it, infinite loop = eternity? It was super sweet, albeit somewhat nerdy!


I’ve soooo enjoyed having her home this fall season, since she graduated, but it’s been bittersweet knowing that she will be leaving soon for good. She moved home after her graduation. Things seemed the same at first. Once again my home was full of piano music like when she lived at home B.C. (before college). I once again had her to chat with in person about clothes, Carol Tuttle DYT,  girly-classics like Jane Austen books, hair, jewelry, food and friends. I missed this terribly when she was gone away. Once again I had an older teen to drive kids to activities and run errands, even shop for me. I’ve also had more techie help for this blog. But then, every time I turned around, she was gone to see her boyfriend. Like every weekend! That reminded me that I was in a new season, both physically, with fall here, and familywise as well.


Things will never be the same. Someone has captured her heart and now we are all second fiddle to him. Sigh. I’ve had to remind myself that the same thing happend to me 27 years ago. It’s natural and normal and desirable but still hard. Such is the life that involves family, seasons, and growth.


“Why do people have to grow up and get married?”- Anne of Green Gables


Now grandbabies are definitely more of a reality! The video below of the Bates family seeing daughter Michaela wedding dress shopping captures how I feel about my daughter getting married. Then the next one shows how sad it is to see a daughter pack up before her wedding. Get your tissues out! I’m going to be buying cases of them in the next two months!