to start homeschool- get a foundation, and use a closet

“I’m new to homeschooling, how do I start?”

First, read the book Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille. This will give you seven keys to use to guide your homeschooling. It will give you a foundation based on agency and seasons of learning to measure whatever curriculum or program that is pitched to you. This book helps you to see homeschooling more simply. A lot of homeschooling materials are unnecessary if you focus on the classics and honoring a child’s agency and seasons of learning .

Then, I highly recommend going to click on products, then click on closet mastery course. This is a workbook course with CDs that will help you create a plan based on your family’s and your children’s needs and desires, rooted in the TJEd philosophy.

For continuing education in homeschooling, I highly recommend you continue your own reading, by studying Teach the Children by Neil Flinders, Leadership Education: the Phases by Oliver and Rachel DeMille, and the TJEd Home Companion, by the DeMilles and Diann Jeppson.

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