want more money?

Do you want more money? It’s a tough world out there for our husbands to make an income. You can be a devoted stay-at-home mom and help attract prosperity to your family through your thoughts and actions.

Leslie Householder, LDS mom of 7, can help you! Listen to her recording here about “How a Stay-at-home Mom Can Attract Prosperity” http://treeoflifemothering.ning.com/page/free-recordings-from-the-2009

Read Leslie’s book about achieving success here http://jackrabbitfactor.com and learn more about her here http://prosperyourfamily.com

I have her FTMF course for sale for only $200. It teaches you how to create more time, money, and freedom for yourself and your family. It retails for over $800 on her site! Comment below if interested.

Marnie Pehrson, the gal in the middle of the picture above, is Leslie’s friend who inspired her to write her first book, Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters. Marnie can help you turn your ideas of information products into cash. See http://marniepehrson.com

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