What are The Best Resources on the Web for Breastfeeding?

Here are my favorite online resources for breastfeeding…


http://llli.org This is La Leche League’s site, the original and longest-running support group for nursing moms. You can go to the Resources tab and find many answers to your questions, see http://llli.org/nb.html. If you can’t find your answer there go to the search box and type in a keyword of something you are interested in, like “adoptive nursing” or “refusing to latch on” or “fussy baby” and you will pull up some informative articles from LLLI’s magazines. These are written by moms who have been there and know what you are going through. You can also access all of their periodical publications online under the resources tab. These include New Beginnings and Breastfeeding Today. I always love to read these when I have a new baby. You can find a local La Leche League meeting to attend or call a local La Leche League Leader with a question. Go to the “resources” tab and then you will see a “Help” section where it says you can find a local group. You can also submit questions online. The site also has forums where you can discuss topics.


http://nfpandmore.org This is the web site of Sheila Kippley, and her husband John Kippley. For decades they have taught the importance of ecological breastfeeding and natural family planning. These are the natural, God-given forms of infant nurturing and family planning. We would all be wise to learn from the Kippleys. They teach how ecological breastfeeding fits into the context of family planning.


Then there’s http://kellymom.com. (don’t type in .org or you’ll get scary links). It is chock full of attachment parenting and breastfeeding info. Some of the pages seemed down when I just checked. Hopefully they will be back.


I just encountered http://mommysmilkandmore.com. It has podcasts all about breastfeeding. A mom at my LLL meeting was raving about it. It seems very breastfeeding-friendly but I haven’t listened to any of the shows yet.


I tend to be leery of taking drugs, but if I ever had to and was told I couldn’t nurse, I would be checking Dr. Thomas Hale’s web site. Dr. Hale is the leading authority on medications and mother’s milk. He’s written a book with that phrase as the title, which he updates regularly. He has had a forum where you could go and find out if a drug is compatible with nursing. He says that that forum has some outdated information. Now he has a new forum with a new URL, which is much easier to remember. You can access both here http://infantrisk.com/content/webforum. He restricts asking questions to health care professionals but anybody is allowed to peruse the forums, and he has a new section on the new forum, for mothers with special conditions. He also has a phone number where people can call The Infant Risk Center.


http://breastfeedingusa.org is a new breastfeeding support organization.


Then there’s the blog of Nancy Mohrbacher, an IBCLC. She is also an LLL Leader and one of the authors of The Breastfeeding Answer Book. I like her Seven Natural Laws of Breastfeeding. Whenever breastfeeding is in the news she gives a wise perspective. See http://nancymohrbacher.com


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