Youth Simulation

In a few days the Great King will choose a group of his most pure hearted sons and daughters to send to a land on the outskirts of his domain. This land has been taken over by the enemy and all of its citizens have been lost to that dragon’s binding power. The quest of the sons and daughters of the King is to regain the lost land and then return to their home, keeping their precious gifts intact along the way. Are you going to be one of the King’s chosen? Will you be one of the heroes who returns from the journey, having triumphed over every test and trap?
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This all day simulation for youth ages 11 to 18 is going to be great fun and an amazing learning experience. It is an exciting adventure quest with tests to pass and trials to overcome.  It is designed to help youth increase their love for and understanding of virtue, the word of God, courage, wholesome gender roles, liberty, and purity of heart. 
It will be held on Tuesday, June 5th, from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Faber home in Bountiful, UT (we may leave to places around the area during the simulation, but will return). 
We’ve cut prices on “The King’s Quest” simulation and now it is only $10 if you bring your own lunch and sign up with 3 other people (4 people total).

The un-discounted price is now $20. You get $10 off if you sign up in a group.
Lunch is no longer an option as there wasn’t enough demand for it. If you have payed for lunch you will be refunded.
Everyone needs to bring a sack lunch.

We still need adult/youth volunteers. Volunteers will be characters in the quest and do some other jobs. Volunteers get in free (or their child gets in free). They also get to give up to 3 other people a $10 discount (this discount mayn’t be combined with the group discount). If you want to volunteer, go to the form that is linked to below (same place as normal registration).
Commit to the quest by filling out this form and sending the money to the paypal account “”


Feel free to wear any sort of prince or princess costumes, but you don’t have to (girls should wear something under skirts for modesty’s sake in our adventure).

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