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Married Date Night Movie Review: No Greater Love

  DH and I watched the movie No Greater Love a few months ago for a date night at home. The acting is a bit stiff, but it was still enjoyable. It’s a wonderful movie to watch as a married … Continue reading

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What I Learned from Come, Follow Me: Week #17

Did you all have a happy Mother’s Day! I sure did. It redeemed “The Mothers’ Day from Hell” that I had two years ago. That happened as I was driving out of state and totaled my car in a head-on … Continue reading

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A New Book for Anyone to Glimpse the Beauty of God and the Hebrew Language

  Many blog posts ago, when I was referring to what I learned in my Bible study by looking up a word in Hebrew, someone asked about how I learned about ancient Hebrew pictograms. I learned them from my friend … Continue reading

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The Best Toy Swords Ever

  Do your kids like sword play as much as mine do? With five boys in our family, we’ve had a variety of swords pile up around here in two decades’ times.     Nerf swords, no-brand-name swords from the … Continue reading

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