Free Book About Receiving Revelation from the Eyres

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Hey, I heard about this new free ebook from some of my favorite authors, Richard and Linda Eyre. They are experienced parents who have a lot to share about how to be joyful parents. Their newest book is called Opening the Door to Family Revelation.

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Here’s what they say about it:

“There has never been a more difficult time to be a parent, and since every family situation is different, many of the old formulas for parenting just don’t work very well anymore. What most parents need is not one-size-fits-all ‘solutions,’ but real and unique ideas and guidance for their own particular children and circumstances. The very best and most unique guidance comes not from human sources but from Divine sources. We have felt for many years that prayers from an earthly parent to a Heavenly Parent can be a wonderfully direct and reliable form of inspiration. But the problem is that many of us are not good enough at asking, and at drawing down the Higher Source guidance that we need in our homes and with our children. We wrote this book to tell the stories of how other parents have successfully accessed the Heavenly Help they need, and how you can do the same, whether you are a parent or a grandparent. This has never been a book we wanted to sell. It is a book we want to give away to any parent anywhere who needs it and who can use it to improve his or her family. Even though our other books were published first with large national or international publishers–with bigness and big sales being the goal–we wanted to publish this one for free online so that parents could get it quickly and easily–with smallness and intimate connections being the goal. Please take a look at this book. You will know, within minutes of beginning to read it, if it is written for you and if you can use it as a guide for drawing down the powers and inspiration of Heaven to help you with the world’s most important and difficult job–raising your children.”

Here’s an episode from their podcast about it. (I love to listen to their podcast on Sunday nights. I feel like I am getting a combination lullaby to cap off the old week plus a pep talk about parenting for the new week from good, good friends or a dear aunt and uncle.)

Go to their web site here to sign up to get the new ebook, as well as many of their other books in ebook format. Scroll to the paragraph that says “How does it work?” and then click on the word “register.”

Happy reading!

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Solving My Insomnia With Homeopathy and a Different Blanket

I’ve been having insomnia for almost four years now. Great news though! A combination of homeopathy, a nutrition supplement, and a different “blanket” are making the difference. So I’m sharing what is working for me in hopes it will help any of you out there.

Because I am a mom who has had seven children, and you moms out there know what I mean, I wake up nightly between 2-5 AM to go visit the bathroom. So many times I have lain awake, after doing my business, not being able to fall back to sleep. Ugh! Then once I would fall asleep, I would sometimes wake up 2-3 more times in the same night. I then would awake around 5-6 AM with my husband’s alarm, to get up with him and pack his breakfast and lunch and send him off to work. Soooo many times I have not felt “done” sleeping when all that happens. Double ugh!

Ever since my car accident in Las Vegas when I totaled a car after surviving a head-on collision, I’ve had these problems (Nobody died or got majorly hurt thank goodness!) That was almost four years ago. That first night after the accident, we had to sleep in a hotel room. We didn’t even get into the room until after midnight. My adrenaline was still on full tilt. I lay there awake with the accident replaying in my head. I finally fell asleep around 5 and woke up at 7 because the kids woke up and I can’t sleep when I hear kids making noise. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since then.

The way I had been dealing with this hard-to-fall asleep and then frequent waking has been to just cuddle under the blankets, keeping the lights off, reading stories on my phone, with a dark background to lessen the light keeping my eyes awake. I do this for anytime from 5 to 30 minutes, until I fell asleep. I only read in the Gospel Library App. That allows me to read peaceful things, things of God that help me feel safe, secure, and loved, because I am feeling the Spirit.

Another way I have dealt with this lack of sleep is going back to bed on mornings, when I can, after sending my husband off. Sometimes I have commitments for my kids’ homeschooling, so I can’t. But two mornings a week I can so I do. I then sleep until I am done. I feel blessed I am in a season of life when I can do that. My youngest is 11, :-). Oh how I remember the days when I yearned to sleep more but couldn’t because the baby was done sleeping and was ready to be up. I always wished babies could be like dolls that I could switch on and off, so that they made noise only when I wanted them to, :-).

Anyway I started taking Joette Calabrese’s Gateway to Homeopathy 1 class. It’s fascinating! I learned from the class that Aconitum napellus is good for shock from accidents. It’s best when taken right away, but I started wondering if it would help me heal from the shock, even though it’s been years later. I did chiropractic treatment for months after the accident. That helped a lot. But when I’m in bed, it’s like I’m back in that hotel room and don’t feel completely free from that nightmare event repeating in my mind.

So from the Gateway class, plus a Facebook Live Joette did on insomnia, and one of Joette’s podcast guests talking about insomnia, I have come up with the following treatment plan for myself:

  1. 1 pellet of Aconitum napellus 30c before bed.
  2. 1 pellet of Nux vomica 30c before bed. In the podcast I referenced above, a woman says that Nux vomica isn’t usually the first choice for insomnia (the usual one is Coffea Cruda) but Nux vomica works for her because it’s good for overdoing, whether it’s overeating, overindulging, overworking, or anything you do too much of. She says that she tends to overdo it so it works for her. When I heard that I thought, “Yeah, I feel like the past 20 years of my life I’ve been overdoing it because of all the stress I’ve had in my life.”
  3. 1 tablet of KAL’s 40 Winks blend, including Tryptophan an hour before bed
  4. Put my phone into airplane mode, since my phone is at my nightstand for an alarm
  5. Take off my socks and pajama pants so I don’t get overheated. I’m usually always cold, especially in the winter, so I tend to wear socks, cozy warm polar fleece PJ pants, and a long-sleeve PJ top as I’m lounging in the home before getting into bed. I have finally figured out that if I keep those on in bed, I get too hot. I finally realized the heat was making me wake up, even when I didn’t need to visit the bathroom.
  6. Remove the quilt I used to have on top of my bedspread.
  7. Use a weighted blanket instead of the quilt on top of my bedspread. My bedspread, as much as I love the lemony yellow color, see above, has been too lightweight, once I removed the quilt. I don’t feel settled or contained, when I am lying underneath it. I feel like I’m just going to “levitate” right off the bed. It’s like I can’t feel settled, like I’m just out there and not protected and safe. But the quilt makes me too hot so I finally realized I couldn’t use the quilt. Well, I happened to see a weighted blanket when I was perusing the Internet once. It sounded so dreamy and sleep-inducing. I prayed and asked God to help me to know what I could use instead since I didn’t have the extra bucks to buy one. Within a few days, God came through for me. He inspired me to use my extra-large bath sheet. So I tried it and it felt perfect. Placed on top of me, it gives me the perfect “weightiness” without the extra heat. I no longer feel like I’m going to “fly” away. It’s super easy for me to snuggle down under the covers and drift off to sleep.

As a result of my sleep regiment, I am falling alseep within 15 minutes, and when I wake up for potty duty I am falling back to sleep within 15 minutes. Yay! I am finally catching up on my sleep in the night, so that I don’t feel like I have to go back to sleep after my husband leaves for work. Yay!!! There’s nothing like great restorative sleep for feeling well!

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Tree of Life Mothering Picture Book of the Week: Frederick’s Journey by Doreen Rappaport

I read this to my little guy last week. It’s a picture book about Frederick Douglass, called Frederick’s Journey by Doreen Rappaport. There’s nothing like snuggling on the couch under blankets reading together! Especially if it’s cold outside, which it sometimes still is. This book was amazing! Frederick was amazing! What a wonderful man who overcame so much. I highly recommend this book, 5 out of 5 stars. I love the illustrations by London Ladd too. What a great true story to inspire all of us to overcome obstacles. Frederick overcame so much.
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Super Easy, Quick Family Home Evening Ideas for Come, Follow Me

I love it when I remember to do this! This past week, I remembered to use the Come Follow Me section of the Liahona, the magazine for adults of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for our Family Home Evening. This section always has object lessons to go with the Come, Follow Me readings of the Doctrine and Covenants of the Church.

I thought this lesson was particularly powerful, to learn about about what makes a strong foundation for a church. One cup didn’t hold up more than one book, but with five other cups and a platform (an old cookie sheet) to distribute the weight, it was amazing to see how many books the cups could hold! Three thick dictionaries plus more! We had fun seeing how many books we could pile on, then we talked about what each cup could represent in foundation of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, including Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, and priesthood power.

I’m also remembering to have Family Home Evenings on Sunday nights. With my husband’s new job since moving, he’s been working late every night, 6 days a week. Lately I’ve had FHE without him on Mondays. Then it’s been a struggle on Sundays to get our traditional husband/wife family executive planning meeting in and mentor meetings with my children. I finally figured it out! I will do Family Home Evening on Sunday nights when DH is home, then on Monday nights when he’s not here I will do the mentor meetings with my kiddos.

Mentor meetings are where I sit down with them individually, pray with them, talk about their big goals. We also talk about their plans for the week and how they are doing spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially. We talk about how they are doing in each of those four areas. (I was already talking about these categories with my children before the Children and Youth program, so when the change happened, I felt like it was just for me, to accommodate what I’d been doing for 10+ years. Can I just say, Yay, that there’s no more Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in the Church! I’ve been doing a happy dance ever since that was announced! My life is so much simpler!)

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Tree of Life Mothering Game of the Week: Sushi Go

I’m obsessed with this card game! We’ve played it almost every day for gameschooling this week! Here’s why I love it so much:

-everyone plays at the same time

-it involves strategy

-it involves addition, multiplication, and subtraction, so kids can hone those skills

-it involves probability, so you can go deeper in a math concept beyond addition, multiplication, and subtraction

-it is immensely satisfying to get over 20 points in a round and over 50 in a game (which consists of three rounds)

-it’s a very portable game because it’s small, so that you can easily tuck it into a purse to play away from home

-it’s inexpensive, less than $10 on amazon right now

-every game is different

-the illustrations are just so utterly adorably cute! I smile every time I look at them!

It took me awhile to get the hang of it. It seemed like a simple little game at first. It actually has a lot of complexity and depth to it. If you tune into those things you will do better at the game. Basically you are pretending to build a meal at a sushi bar. With every hand you get to pick a food item to put down on your “plate” in front of you. Then you pass your hand to the next player. Each food item has a certain number of points, but some are only worth the points if they are in a group, or if you have them combined with something else. Then the pudding, the only dessert card, is only worth points at the end if you have the most. If you have the least amount of pudding cards you are penalized. So it also teaches players to think ahead. More complicated versions of the game exist, Sushi Go Party, and Sushi Roll, but I’m holding off on those for now.

This game just makes me want to get some Japanese take out every night, to eat while we play this game and listen to some matching music. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Want some other ideas about gameschooling? See my two guides here.

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Date Night Movie Review: The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ

Here’s a great movie to watch for your next date night. It’s the true story of a married couple, Lee and Leslie Strobel. You wouldn’t know it’s about marriage just by looking at the title or the cover of the DVD case, but it is. It looks like a documentary but it’s actually a story in the form of a movie. It’s based on the book by the same name. I have Lee Strobel’s sequel book, The Case of Christmas, so when I happened upon this movie, I nabbed it. I found it as a DVD at my public library, but you can also get it on Amazon Prime and elsewhere online probably.

The overall story is about real-life newspaper investigative reporter Lee Strobel. (He’s still alive.) He worked for the Chicago Tribune. He also graduated from Yale Law School. His wife started looking into Christianity and decided to accept Christ as her personal Savior. Lee did not like this, he felt it was driving a wedge between him and his wife. He wanted his old wife back without the religion in the mix. She stood firm and said she was steadfastly moving forward as a Christian. Thus began Lee’s deep examination to see if he could prove that Jesus Christ lived. I won’t spoil it for you by telling any more, just go watch it! I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

I love that this story shows how to work out disagreements in marriage. I love that it shows romance in marriage and keeps it G rated. I love that it shows the dynamics of children and in-laws affecting marriage. I love that it shows evidence for Christ. I also love that it shows anger problems and how they affect a family. It’s also interesting that the therapist in the movie, played by Faye Dunaway, can spot that the main character has father issues from a mile away. She claims that atheists tend to have “father wounds.” If you are Christian and into family life, you will love it. If you aren’t, you probably won’t.

Lee’s website is here.

Lee says at this site over here that the movie is about 85% accurate. That site has a lot of interesting tidbits about the story, so go check it out.

Want some other movie ideas? Go here for more!

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Take It From Gandhi: Use Homeopathy

I love this podcast with Joette Calabrese. In it, she encourages mothers to read the above book, written by a pediatrician, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD.

Here’s a snippet of what she says from the podcast about raising her three sons to adulthood:

“I didn’t need a pediatrician. Those ubiquitous well-baby checkups were something I never bought into. Excuse my skepticism but they’re just a calendar-building technique for an otherwise not very busy medical specialty. Perhaps they fulfill a need in mothers who don’t trust knowing whether or not their children are well.”

She also quotes Gandhi as saying, “Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond a doubt safer and more economical.” 

In conclusion, I love that she encourages moms to get a PhD in mothering by studying the nurturing of children, which can certainly involve homeopathy.

“Well, I think we should be getting our PhD in mothering. I really believe it’s important that we know what we’re talking about. We should not say, ‘Oh, I can just do this,’ without doing some homework. Mothering should command our full attention. The act of mothering should be civilized and respected and resourceful. After all, we are raising a human being, our offspring, our worldly and spiritual legacy. So if you’re not up to the task and you need a pediatrician or another person to tell you to put chemicals into your baby’s mouth, then well, I guess, in a way we may even part ways and our conversation is over because that is my philosophy. I’m being a little blunt but I believe it needs saying.”

I agree! If this resonates with you I encourage you to learn from her blog here and Dr. Mendelsohns’ book above, which you can read for free here.

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Who’s Coming to RootsTech? It’s Free and Online This Year!

I’m super excited about RootsTech this year. It’s this upcoming weekend, Feb. 25-27. RootsTech is an annual conference that combines the topics of family roots with technology. I’ve never been in person but have watched whatever videos they stream every year and then archive on the videos archive page. This year it’s all online! and it’s all free! Past speakers have included Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., Scott Hamilton, Bruce Feller, AJ Jacobs, Drew and Jonathan Scott, Buddy Valastro, The Pioneer Woman, LeVar Burton, Lisa Louise Cooke, and many more. I always come away inspired. So I hope you go register here and enjoy it too! This year’s speakers include Lorena Ochoa, Sunetra Sarker, Barbara Morgan, and Nic Vujicic. It’s always fun to hear the stories and see the new technology to help us find our roots and tell our family stories. So go register! I wish I could see you there but I will get warm fuzzies knowing that so many of us, the most ever, are watching from home.

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Did You Know Homeopathy Can Help With Jellyfish Stings, Chipped Teeth, and Chemical Sensitivities?

It’s snowy today. Snow always makes me reflective. It also makes me want to stay indoors and study. So that’s what I’m doing today as I prepare for my Gateway 1 Homeopathy Class. I’ve been reminiscing as well today a lot about how I raised my older children and what I wish I had done differently. More than half of my children are grown. Out of my seven children, four are out of the nest. That time went by in a blink. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and treat their aches and pains with homeopathy (HP). I had heard about it in college in one of my classes but it was so new to me that I put it on a mental shelf. Then when I started having home births, my midwife would give me some HP remedies, but I didn’t use HP outside of birth. I didn’t realize how potent and efficient homeopathy was, and that it could address a gamut of health challenges with all of my children.

I do feel blessed that I didn’t use many pharmaceuticals with my children. I only used antibiotics once, before I knew better, and said no to artificial interventions. But homeopathy would have taken us to the next level. All my children are in great health today. One son, however, has food allergies that didn’t start until he was about 12. In thinking about it lately I’ve wondered if these food allergies are reactions to a tetanus vaccination he got around that time. (I’m encouraged by hearing some food allergies being reversed with HP. That’s another post for another day.)

I didn’t really embrace using HP until I moved to AZ after the three oldest children had flown the coop, because I had a close homeschooling friend talk about Joette Calabrese, a professional homeopath.

I listened to this podcast today, sponsored by Joette. I love that it involves a mom with tons of stories about healing her children with HP. Listening to it reminded me again of just how potent and efficient HP is. This mom tells the following stories of using HP:

-for a wasp bite in her child, to calm down the swelling and pain in minutes

-for a jellyfish sting on her child, to relieve the pain, again in minutes

-for a child’s chipped tooth

-for a child’s eye injury

-for ameliorating the inflammation of appendicitis and the resulting pain of recovering from appendectomy

-for her mom’s chemical sensititivities to artificial office smells

I love hearing stories like these! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. May every mom and dad feel empowered to learn and use HP and create his/her own stories of healing with HP.

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The Book of Mormon Has 100+ Names for Jesus Christ

Susan Easton Black, in the video above, was the wife of the bishop of my ward (church congregation) when I was first married. I’m sure she doesn’t remember me at all but I remember her warmth, wisdom, and grace. I love the videos of her above and below. I’ve blogged about her before here.

I definitely felt the Holy Spirit as I watched the video above, especially when she tells of the Book of Mormon having at least 100 names for our Savior Jesus Christ.

Every Christmas, I love to read stories about people’s favorite Christmases, when they felt the hand of God in their life. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this darling story about a Christmas involving Susan and her children. You can read it here.

In the video below she tells her story of strengthening faith in Jesus Christ as a saint and a scholar. I hope you catch her even a fraction of her passion for the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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