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Out of the Best Books: Classics We Enjoyed for February 2020

  Happy Leap Day! It’s almost midnight and I can’t let this day pass without recording the classics we enjoyed this month of February 2020. If you want to know why I love reading classics/”the best books” so much, go … Continue reading

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Dr. Mom Adventure #2: Attack of the Itchy Skin

  I know I’ve had way more than 2 adventures of being Dr. Mom, but I didn’t start naming my Dr. Mom cures in a series until last year, with this post, about the killer cactus that attacked me remotely. … Continue reading

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Gospel Restoration Timeline Cards Game

I’ve been on a Timeline Card Game kick since discovering the game by Asmodee and getting it for Christmas. Santa stuffed some stockings with the classic and the inventions sets. The others are on my wish list. What a simple … Continue reading

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Books to Inspire Goal-setters for 2020

  Spurred on by my sister’s blog here, I have put together my own list of books for goal-setters for the New Year of 2020. Enjoy! I read the first book, above, The Toothpaste Millionaire, about ten years ago to … Continue reading

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Date Night Movie Review: Loving Leah

This is one of the sweetest movies ever! I love that it involves culture, the Jewish religion, extended family, and romance! It’s clean and wholesome. For being a Hallmark Channel movie, it’s not cheesy at all. Here’s the official summary … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day and #abookagameaday for the first three weeks of Feb. 2020

    Sorry for the lull in blogging about gameschooling, and tracking my book and game a day for the #aboookandagameaday challenge at My trip to Utah interrupted my streak.   During my Veggie Gal lunch on Friday in … Continue reading

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NEW Webinar for Parents: Homeschooling from an Alum’s Perspective

Here’s a message from my son Dallin: As a homeschooling parent, have you ever felt like you just weren’t measuring up, and that your kids weren’t going to amount to anything? I’m Dallin. I’m 22 years old. I was homeschooled … Continue reading

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Tender Mercy of the Lord: another Thrifting Treasure

Last November, my Relief Society (the women’s organization at my church) had a game night. It was a nice change of pace from the traditional “Christmas Dinner in November” night where we have mashed potatoes, ham, green jello, somewhat awkward … Continue reading

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Two FREE Guides to the World of Gameschooling

Welcome to the world of gameschooling! It’s so fun! Check out this PDF of my slides about the “what, why, when and how” of gameschooling. These are the slides from my presentation that I gave at the Winter Homeschool Conference … Continue reading

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Most Painless Budgeting Tool Ever, on Sale Tomorrow for Valentine’s Day!

  I had a great trip to Utah last week! I attended the Winter Homeschool Conference and got to visit with  friends and family. So delightful! The warmth of friends and family made up for the shivery wintertime!     … Continue reading

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