Most Painless Budgeting Tool Ever, on Sale Tomorrow for Valentine’s Day!

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I had a great trip to Utah last week! I attended the Winter Homeschool Conference and got to visit with  friends and family. So delightful! The warmth of friends and family made up for the shivery wintertime!



This is what I saw when I landed in Provo. We’re not in Arizona anymore Toto!


I have tremendous news! The Qube app that I’ve been promoting the past few months on my blog is on sale tomorrow for a flash Valentine sale, for 50% off! Then if you use my discount code “CELESTIA25” to get 25% off more,you will get 75% off total! So instead of it costing just over $200 for lifetime access to the app, it will cost you less than $60.

This is the most painless budgeting tool ever, so yay! What great news! If you know you already want to buy, head here, tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, Fri. Feb. 14, 2020. Whether you want to get out of debt, or save for retirement, vacation, or a big dream, the Qube app will help you do it better!

If you want more info about Qube, please read on. 

First, here’s what I presented at the conference: 


  1. Gameschooling. Click here to learn how to build a gameschool collection on a budget. 




  1. Getting homeschooled youth into college


  1. Family finances without tears with kids and in marriage. My husband and I paid off over $70K in the past 3 1/2 years so I finally feel qualified and excited to talk about the subject. Fist pump! My day of debt independence was the same day as my dad’s birthday, June 19, last year.

I also promoted Qube at a vendor booth. Qube is so exciting! 

I heard about this app from Aneladee Milne. Her husband, who has been in the banking industry for 30+ years, heard about it from a guy in Utah named Ryan Clark. He invented it and started rolling it out as ProActive a few years ago. It had problems so they scratched it, changed the company name and the developers behind it, and now it’s called Qube. It is still in beta testing but will be released this spring of 2020!


It’s an app that is a digital cash envelope. It’s also tied to a debit card. So it unifies all your budgeting and banking and debit transactions into one place! This is so amazing! I used the old-fashioned Dave Ramsey cash envelope to get out of debt, starting in January 2016. As I said, we are finally out of debt, and it was the cash envelope system that made it happen. The cash envelope system works, but it has its drawback. Not every transaction can be done in cash.


Paying cash is getting harder to do these days. If you want to make an online purchase or pay for gas at the pump, cards are the way to go, especially as a busy mom. If you have a cash envelope system, you can’t pay cash, you have to pay online with a card, and then you have to remember to reimburse your bank account with the cash in your envelope. It can get cumbersome!


It’s hard to overpay on gas, but it is very easy to overpay when buying online. The Qube app keeps that spending in control because you can only ever buy stuff with it by first putting the money you have budgeted in the different “qubes” (digital piggy banks/budget categories) on the app on your phone. Then when you want to use the card you can only use it if you allow a certain Qube to have money deducted from it. Then you can swipe the card. The money is deducted and the card returns to zero. If someone finds the card, they can’t spend any money on it because they have to use your phone to first log in and designate which qube the money comes from.


If you are married, you and your husband can each get a card when you buy Qube’s premium plan. When you use the Qube app you can easily see who has spent what instantly after each transaction, and the remaining amount of money in each budget category, or qube. Ingenious! Watch the video below all about it! 

The app is available to purchase for lifetime use for now until March 31! After that, it’s only available for a monthly fee! Imagine buying lifetime access to Amazon Prime, Costco, or Netflix, for a fee that equals two years worth of costs to use the said service, but then you get to use it for a lifetime and pay nothing after that. This is equal to that! If you knew how awesome Amazon Prime and Costco were upfront, wouldn’t you want to use them for a lifetime and pay for only two years’ worth?


Qube costs about $200 right now but after April 1 you can only pay $8 a month to use it, for the husband/wife plan. That’s the premium plan. The family plan gives you the husband and wife cards plus up to 10 children’s cards (can you tell this was made in Utah? LOL!) With the kids’ cards you can keep track of the payments you give them for their chore earnings, etc. You give them the cards and they can’t overspend!


You can use my discount code “CELESTIA25” to get 25% off the flat, upfront fee, until March 31!


But wait, it gets only better!


This Valentine’s Day you can use my code above, plus, get 50% off for Valentine’s Day! So then you get 75% off! So awesome!


Right now the costs are:

husband/wife plan (premium): $216

the family plan: $240.


After Feb. 29, husband/wife plan (premium) is $324, the family plan is $374.


After March 31, the prices will only be monthly subscription fees of $8 a month.


You can watch a video Don and Aneladee Milne did for it here.

So…this Valentine’s Day, Friday Feb. 14, go here to buy it for lifetime use with the code “CELESTIA25” and you will get 75% off!!


 Happy money times to you all!

FTC Disclosure: I receive an affiliate commission if you buy from the links I posted in this post.

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