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Are you confused about what book to read next? Are you frustrated with your selection of books at home or at your public library?

I have some help for you…check out

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It’s the greatest collection of ebooks, audiobooks, sheet music, and documents on the Internet. If you find yourself limited by what’s on YouTube and LibriVox, and not liking any of the selections left for you to choose on Audible, then you will love I use Audible, but it doesn’t always have everything I want. Same with LibriVox and Libby. My friend Aneladee tipped me off about and I’m so glad she did. She told me that whenever she’s bored, she turns to and always finds something she can read. is a collection of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, documents, and sheet music. It has a TON more resources than Libby, the app that most public libraries use. It’s also much better than Audible, because you have unlimited access to all those resources (not just books) for a low flat monthly fee, around $10, whereas in audible you get 1 book a month plus a few of the original Audible books, and that’s it. I have Audible too and love them both! Some of those Audible originals are amazing!

Audible sometimes has books scribd doesn’t (like the Audible originals) although it’s rare. I usually find that scribd is more likely to have books that Audible doesn’t. Just like Audible, has a website with an accompanying app so you can access the books on the go on your mobile device. You can also access the service using your desktop PC or laptop. In that case you login at the website on your browser to get to the books. I can’t tell you how incredibly fabulous it is to have in audio format all the Little House books (narrated by the same fabulous narrator as in Audible, Cherry Jones), and Anne books, and so many other books all on my phone, in my pocket! I can access them whenever I want, whether in audio or reading format!

Little House in the Big Woods
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If doesn’t have the desired book in one format, audio or text, it usually has it in the other. The Little House books are in both! It has many hard to find books, like the Magic of the Minimum Dose, a homeopathy book by Dr. Dorothy Shepherd. That book appears as a PDF of the text form.

You Need a Budget: The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle, Getting Out of Debt, and Living the Life You Want
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Because I am a bibliophile and a homeschooling mom, I devour books. I’ve always loved books and I’m cultivating a love for books in my children. When I’m part of a book club, chances are that the book that is chosen for any month is in either Audible or

The Answer Is . . .: Reflections on My Life

If my children are assigned a book to read for a homeschooling group they are in, chances are I’m more likely to find the book in over audible. My husband loves to use the service to find books to read or listen to while he is riding the commuter train. My children love to listen to books on their own in too. Over Christmastime, I loved listening to and reading four of Richard Paul Evans’ clean Christmas romance novels. So the whole family uses scribd all the year through, close to a daily basis!

Finding Noel: A Novel
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If you click on this link, or any of the links above, you can sign up for your own free 60 day trial. Full disclosure: that is my affiliate link. It costs you nothing to have the free trial, and I will get a free month for you signing up. So it’s win/win for both of us! You get to explore it, reading and/or listening to some books, magazines, PDFs, and sheet music for free, and I get another month free. I think you will love it! When you sign up, make an alarm on your phone to go off in 58 days so you can evaluate your satisfaction of the service. Cancel if you don’t like it. If you do, do nothing, and your credit card will then be charged after the 60th day, and every month thereafter. Happy reading and listening!