Family Devotionals Ebook

Click the following link to get the 2nd edition (2021 update) of the Celestial Family Devotionals Ebook. If you want to know more about it, read below.

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The Celestial Guide to Family Devotionals

 Songs, Scriptures, Poems, and Stories based on the teachings of 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 


Warm Your Heart

Daily, Month by Month, and Season by Season

This is an ebook you can pull out on your phone or tablet every day to guide your family devotionals or firesides. You can also use it for Family Home Evening, homeschool morning devotionals, dinnertime discussions or even bedtime stories. Use it whether or not you homeschool. Use it by yourself or with a family. Use it in person or over video chat, with friends, family, or both. However you use it, get inspired with it to live the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

With this ebook you will find monthly themes to guide your devotionals. In this ebook, I have compiled Internet links to the following LDS resources to go with the monthly themes:

  • songs from the Hymns book, Children’s Songbook, published by the Church of Jesus Christ, and all the songs from the Church Magazines since 1971 through May of 2018
  • scriptures
  • poetry (from the Church magazines and traditional poems in the public domain)
  • true stories of God moving through people’s lives in these latter-days

With this ebook, you save hours of time as you quickly find inspirational material to share with your family and friends. These resources will kindle your faith and allow the brightness of hope from Jesus Christ to burn in your heart day by day, month by month, and season by season.

Here are some examples of the resources linked to in this ebook:

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s story, “The Cactus, the Cross, and Easter.”

The song “Gethsemane” by Melanie Hoffman

Maggie’s Peaches, a story about a little girl whose prayer for a can of peaches was answered, to cheer her ailing mother.

Lost in the Canyon, a story about two young men who got rescued after praying for help.

Washed Clean Story and Poem by President Boyd K. Packer. This involves a story from Pres. Packer’s time in the army as a young man and the poem he was inspired to write about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I love the story called, “Joining the Lord’s Army,” a story of a young man who found the gospel of Jesus Christ, and then the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He experienced a pricking of his heart, the Spirit, repentance, and being born again. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see this story.

The Gift of Tongues in American Samoa, a story of a young missionary in American Samoa who received the gift of tongues to preach the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Miracle of the Bread, a story of two missionaries finding a freshly baked loaf of bread from home, on their path, thousands of miles from home. A similar thing happened to my husband’s grandfather on his mission. I know that this has happened and can happen!

So get your ebook today by clicking this link:  2nd ed. Celestial Family Devotionals.