Celebration of Spring, Restoration, and Miracles Story #3: The Miracle of the Bread

Today’s story for the springtime theme of restoration, renewal, and miracles is the miracle of the bread. This story is listed in my upcoming devotional book, The Celestial Guide to Family Devotionals. It comes from a talk by Elder Ted E. Brewerton called, “Miracles” which appeared in the November 1990 New Era, the magazine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for youth. This story is about Elder Brewerton’s ancestor, Elder Fisher.

This story takes place back in the day when missionaries served missions after getting married.  In this story, two elders, both from Utah, were serving in New Zealand. They were short on money and feeling hungry. As they rode their horses they talked about how much they missed their wives and families and homemade bread and other familiar food they couldn’t find in New Zealand. They decided to take a break from riding and go off the trail to kneel in prayer. Retreating into the woods, they knelt in prayer and expressed their desire to serve God, and that they loved and were concerned about their families back home. Then they got back on the horses and started riding on their way. A little bit of time passed, and then they saw something odd on the side of the road. It was a loaf of bread wrapped in white cloth! They got to enjoy homemade bread, and rejoiced in God providing this miracle. Back at home, they found out through a letter, that on that very day that they found the bread, Elder Fisher’s wife had baked bread and then found a loaf missing, along with a cloth. Elder Brewerton says:

Two missionaries in New Zealand had received an answer to prayer. The loaf of bread came to symbolize for them that it was Heavenly Father who had sent them to New Zealand and that he was supporting and watching over their families.

Incidentally, when James E. returned home, the farm had prospered and he and his wife owned more cattle and sheep and had more money than before.

I love this story! My husband’s family has a very similar story about his grandfather. I know God answers prayers, sometimes in miraculous ways. However He chooses to answer our prayers, He answers them in the best way for our growth. God is so good! You can read the complete story here.




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