The Mighty Power of a Praying Wife and Mother

I love this video! It tells a bit about the mother of the Kendrick brothers, the guys who made the hit Christian movies Fireproof, Courageous, and War Room. I testify that prayer brings the power of God into your life like nothing else. May we all be powerful praying wives and mothers! I know God hears our prayers and answers them in the best way for us. Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes it is yes, and sometimes it is yes, but later. Watch the clip above to see how Mama Kendrick’s written prayer was answered almost a year later.

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Mama Kendrick says, “I believe that God wants women to pray over their homes, to pray over their husbands, to pray over their children every day, that God will have His way, His will for us.” Amen sister! As Priscilla Shirer, the star of the movie says in the clip below, “God multiplies our time when we put first things first.”


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