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Reading Aloud: An Obstinate Act of Love, Especially As You Defy Digital Distractions

Sarah Mackenzie recently did a podcast episode that captures my thinking of how and why reading aloud is so magical. It features an interview with the author of the book below, Meghan Cox Gurdon. Listen here. She answers a question … Continue reading

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Homemade Ice Cream that Even Stays Cold and Scoopable When Out All Day at a Picnic

My friend Myra over at, has this super awesome way to make perfectly scoopable ice cream that stays cold and scoopable, even as you take it with you to picnics and hikes! It does require a gadget called a … Continue reading

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I’m Glad that I Live in This Beautiful World

Lately, I’ve had a Primary song floating through my head. It’s the one that says  “He gave me my eyes that I may see, the color of butterfly wings… “I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world Heavenly Father … Continue reading

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Out of the Best Books: Classics We Enjoyed for May, June and July 2019

  Here are most of the books we’ve been enjoying since May. If you want to be reminded of why it’s so important to read in this day of cheap, easy entertainment (otherwise known as the screen), go here to … Continue reading

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What Are We Really Celebrating Today on the 4th of July?

  The kids and I listened to David Barton’s Wallbuilders’ podcast yesterday while driving.   It was pathetic that most people, those who were walking on the streets of Philadelphia, could not answer this question: “What do we celebrate on … Continue reading

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Super Cheap DIY Patriotic Garland or Streamer for Independence Day

  These patriotic garlands are super cute and so cheap! I had fun making these last week for my friend and me to decorate our homes for Independence Day. Instructions are in the video below, from my favorite craftsy blogger, … Continue reading

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Declaration of Financial Independence

  To celebrate being debt-free, which happened for dh and me on June 19 last month, I changed the wording of Jefferson’s famous document and we had a family ceremony, using Zoom to connect the out-of-nest kids, so they could … Continue reading

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What I Learned from My Study of the New Testament with the Come Follow Me Study Guide: Week #25

    I continue to enjoy digging up gems from the New Testament as I use the Come, Follow Me Study Guide. This week I finally remembered to print out the study sheets made by David Butler and Emily Belle … Continue reading

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