True Science

These videos are based on the Universal Model books. You can buy your copies of the beautiful books here. The Universal Model is based on natural law, not theories. It also allows for belief in God and Creationism. I got to meet the founder and creator of the model, Dean Sessions, and found him truthful and most engaging. You can read about that here.

Volume 1 book of the Universal Model is about the earth, including the rock cycle.

Volume 2 book is about the living systems.

You can go here to buy digital copies of Vol. 1 or 2. Volume 1 is also in hard copy form. Vol. 2 is almost out in hard copy. Vol. 3 is not ready yet.

Volume 3 is about astronomy and space.

These videos show Mr. Alan Wade teaching the science from these books, at his monthly classes held at a school in Mesa, AZ. I love that this science is based on natural law, not theories.

Class #1 is a basic introduction.

Class #2 delves into rocks.

Class #3 addresses the question, “Is magma real?”

Class #4 is geology mysteries.

Class #5 features water in space.

Class #6 shows how the earth is a planet made of water.

Class #7 features 13 evidences for Noah’s Flood, also called the Universal Flood in the Universal Model.

Class #8 answers questions about weather, such as “Where did El Nino come from?” “What causes earthquakes?”