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New Insights from Lehi’s Tree of Life Vision

  Wow, if you think you know everything there is to know about Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life you have got to watch the above video! I love the insights I got from watching it. The vision is … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday: Thurs. 1/9/20, Gameschooling Day #4 of 2020

Thursday we do our homeschool co-op on steroids, aka a Commonwealth School or Family Liber School. (Some people call it different names but it’s basically the same thing.) I went out thrifting afterwards in the afternoon/early evening. So we didn’t … Continue reading

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#abookagameaday: Wed. 1/7/20. Gameschooling Day #3 of 2020!

  I picked this game out for myself for Christmas. The amazon rating is 4/5 stars. So I had high hopes for it. We played it once in our family Christmas game marathon. I played with my 26 year old … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday: Tuesday 1/7/2020, Gameschooling Day of 2020 #2

Tuesdays we do math for our gameschooling. So we played Qwirkle and 7Ate9. I love Qwirkle because it’s strategy and patterns. I love 7Ate9 because it hopefully motivates kids to get their adding and subtracting math facts down. The game … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday: Monday 1/6, Gameschooling Day #1 of 2020

  I am taking on book/gameschooling challenge of 2020, where I read aloud a picture book a day and play at least one board/card game to boot. #abookandagameaday. Cheers to more picture books and gameschooling in 2020! The book … Continue reading

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Treasures from The Book of Mormon

  Today I got to play the piano in Primary as a substitute because the regular pianist was ill. The singing time involved the story that our prophet, President Russell M. Nelson, tells in the video above, when he met … Continue reading

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How to Build a Board Game Collection on a Budget for Gameschooling and Other Fun!

Note: This post is long. It started out as a list of tips for gameschooling on a budget. Then, as is so common when I blog, it morphed. True to my personality, my stories started coming up!  I decided I … Continue reading

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