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3 Ingredient Keto Pancakes or Chancakes

I heard about chaffles, which are keto waffles made out of cheese and eggs. They appear to be all the rage. Cheese + waffles = chaffles, get it? It sounds strange or gross, to have waffles made out of cheese … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday, Thurs. 1/30/20, Gameschooling Day #19 of 2020

    Here’s what we did for #abookandagameaday on Thurs. 1/30/20… On Thursdays we drive 90 minutes one way to participate with other homeschoolers in a co-operative type school run by homeschooling moms. At this co-op, I teach a Hero … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday, Wed. 1/29/20, Gameschooling Day #18 of 2020

Today was History/Geography Day for our 2020 #abookagameaday gameschooling challenge. So we did the above book, featuring the backstory of the Star-spangled Banner. Because of this book, I understand how the Star-Spangled Banner came to be. I already knew about … Continue reading

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Easiest Birthday Cake Ever!

    Here’s how to make the easiest birthday “cake” ever. It’s total, 100% ice cream (with whipped cream frosting) in the shape of a round, two layer cake. You can use whatever ice cream/frozen dessert recipe you want. So … Continue reading

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Come to the Utah Winter Homeschool Conference!

  I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Winter Homeschool Conference on Saturday, February 8 in Layton, Utah. Come join over 1000 people at this fabulous event! I will be talking about three topics: Family Finances … Continue reading

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#abookagameaday, Tues. 1/28/20, Gameschooling Day #17

  Today was math and science day. Today’s picture book was the one above. It has beautiful pictures of real snowflakes and explains everything you ever wanted to know about snowflakes: how they form, the different shapes, and why they … Continue reading

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#abookagameaday, Mon. 1/27/20, more Gameschooling!

Oh how I love the above book! We read it today for our #abookagameaday challenge from I love how the central message is the power of mother love, and the reciprocal love a child has for her mother. So … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Hand in History and in Our Own Lives

  I love this talk over here that President/Elder M. Russell Ballard gave last December at BYUI for its commencement. The video above is from the same trip he refers to in the talk, I am guessing. He talks about … Continue reading

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DIY Timeline Cards Game

  Here’s a DIY card game to increase knowledge of historical events/facts. It’s modeled after the Timeline Game. You can make it for any history period.   I made the cards above for my Hero Project which involves the World … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday, Wed. 1/22/20, Day #12, Geography/History Two Truths and a Lie and Scrambled States of America

  Last Thursday on my thrifting trip, after going to our weekly family liber school, I found the card game that goes with the above book, for 4 bucks at Savers. So we played the game today for my Wednesday … Continue reading

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