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8/3/21 Tree of Life Mama’s Game of the Week: Trekking the National Parks

So I heard about this game from a girlfriend and also from this documentary, Game Master. (You see the game’s inventor, Charlie Binks, and his parents in it. It’s fun to hear the story of how it came to be. … Continue reading

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3/26/21 Fun Friday Tree of Life Mama’s Game of the Week: Outfoxed!

We played this game this past week in our gameschooling to count for some math, since it’s about logic. It isn’t a fast moving game like some of the other Gamewright games, like Slamwich. My two youngest absolutely love that … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Tip for Homeschooling: take the #abookandagameaday challenge, or “How to Have Fun Homeschooling”

So, it’s officially been a year since the lockdowns started. I’m here to assure any of you mamas who were thrown into homeschooling a year ago and struggled. If any of you still want to homeschool, I’m here to assure … Continue reading

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3/12/21 Fun Friday: Tree of Life Mama Game of the Week, Poetry for Neanderthals

This week’s game is Poetry for Neanderthals. As soon as I saw it on amazon, I figured it would be a hit with my 11-year-old, because of the inflatable club. I was right! As soon as we got it he … Continue reading

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Tree of Life Mothering Game of the Week: Sushi Go

I’m obsessed with this card game! We’ve played it almost every day for gameschooling this week! Here’s why I love it so much: -everyone plays at the same time -it involves strategy -it involves addition, multiplication, and subtraction, so kids … Continue reading

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Most Painless Budgeting Tool Ever, on Sale Tomorrow for Valentine’s Day!

  I had a great trip to Utah last week! I attended the Winter Homeschool Conference and got to visit with  friends and family. So delightful! The warmth of friends and family made up for the shivery wintertime!     … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday, Wed. 1/29/20, Gameschooling Day #18 of 2020

Today was History/Geography Day for our 2020 #abookagameaday gameschooling challenge. So we did the above book, featuring the backstory of the Star-spangled Banner. Because of this book, I understand how the Star-Spangled Banner came to be. I already knew about … Continue reading

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DIY Timeline Cards Game

  Here’s a DIY card game to increase knowledge of historical events/facts. It’s modeled after the Timeline Game. You can make it for any history period.   I made the cards above for my Hero Project which involves the World … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday, Wed. 1/22/20, Day #12, Geography/History Two Truths and a Lie and Scrambled States of America

  Last Thursday on my thrifting trip, after going to our weekly family liber school, I found the card game that goes with the above book, for 4 bucks at Savers. So we played the game today for my Wednesday … Continue reading

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