3/26/21 Fun Friday Tree of Life Mama’s Game of the Week: Outfoxed!

We played this game this past week in our gameschooling to count for some math, since it’s about logic.

It isn’t a fast moving game like some of the other Gamewright games, like Slamwich. My two youngest absolutely love that game! This game is slower. Since it’s cooperative and not competitive, some kids might not like it. Basically you are all a team, competing against the fox, as represented by a plastic fox figurine. Every bad move gets the fox closer to its foxhole to escape capture. If the fox gets to the foxhole, you all lose! If you figure out which fox is the thief before he gets there, you all win!

I love it because it teaches deductive reasoning. Kids take turns deciding if they want to have a shot at seeing new clues, or revealing a possible suspect. So you have elements of luck, with the roll of the dice, and skill in using logic. The special decoder will especially appeal to kids who like gadgets that reveal secrets. You put the little clue card in the center of the decoder, then pull the tab on the side to see if a green dot appears or not. Then you use that information to narrow down who the suspect is as the foxy pot pie thief.

It’s a great game for kids ages 5-12 to learn logic and deductive reasoning. Older ages might find it too slow. I also love that it teaches teamwork. So if you are in the mood for something cooperative and mysterious, to build reasoning skills, with bright and cheery but not flashy graphics, this game fits the bill. I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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