#Notbacktoschool, or How to Ease Back into Homeschooling after August is over!

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Sorry for the blogging hiatus! I’ve been having extended family time and I’m also working on a project that I will announce sometime in the next few months. I love summer! It’s that time of year when you hear talk of back to school, especially if you live in AZ. Public school there started last week, and our homeschool once-a-week group starts today! Yikes, I’m not ready for all that! If any of you have been reading my blog for a time, you know how much I hate to see summer end. I am enjoying summer vacation in Utah, in between a bunch of mini, informal family reunions. I love this time!

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My oldest child graduated from BYU-I a few weeks ago,  along with my son-in-law. That was a bit of reunion to be there for that. We traveled with my mother-in-law, and my parents, brother and his wife attended as well. We also got to see my son-in-law’s family who are dear, delightful people. I also got to visit with my husband’s cousins which was fun. We did a temple session at the Rexburg Temple, which was wonderful.

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Then I’ve been able to see dear friends, both new and old, on the down days when there hasn’t been stuff going on with my extended family. I got to get with my Veggie Gals girlfriends! Oh the joy! I love these ladies! Some of them were new to the group. It’s always great to find new kindred spirits.

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We made some new friends at a reservoir where the kids spent over half the time moving this giant log so they could float on it. God orchestrated this event so I could meet someone there that I’ve been wanting to meet for a over a year. God truly does “order and provide”!

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We actually had a wonderful formal reunion last week with my dad’s cousins. The hosting family had a giant inflatable water slide that gave the kids hours of joy. Then this week is an informal reunion with a bunch of cousins, and next week we get to see more, with my daughter’s baby shower after she comes from Idaho and a cousin returning home from his LDS mission!

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In celebration of  #notbacktoschool for me and my family, I am posting some resources to ease into “back to school,” mode, in September, the proper time to start “school,” especially if you homeschool. Even then, I like most of the school work to be family work of preserving the harvest of gardens, reading, exploring nature, and other work of preparing home and yard for colder weather. This is hard to do when you live in AZ and you can harvest year round, LOL! I read aloud to the kids often through the year as they slice tomatoes for our food dryer. I like Diane Hopkins’ idea that formal schoolwork is easier done when it’s cold and blustery outside, what she calls, “pencil weather.”

My explanation of organic education here.


#notbacktoschool, playing Coup card game at Grandma’s house, with (l to r), a 14 year old practice scholar, a 12 year old practice scholar, and a love of learner, age 8

(To understand the terms of scholar, and love of learner, read my organic education post. )


Sarah Mackenzie’s podcast and her Read Aloud Membership, which is open for enrolling from now until Tues. Aug. 14. This is an amazing resource to help you help your kids fall in love with books, which is the best way to cultivate a love of learning.

This list of books for reluctant readers.

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We toured BYU with the cousins as we have in the past few years and saw Grandpa in his office. He loves to research and teach and mentor, and his books and papers show it.

My list of “19 Things to Do When You Feel Stuck as a Homeschool Mom”.

Videos on how to do homeschooling from the attitude of “teaching from rest” with Sarah Mackenzie.

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At my parents’ hometown city celebration parade with cousins and bags to collect the candy tossed out. They were serious about getting as much as they could. 

These science videos based on the Universal Model, which is true science.

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How to get your homeschooling child into college. I wrote this blog post when the son pictured above started college. Now he has graduated and is off to a new job in Texas as an engineer. #homeschoolingworks, #lemiworks

How to homeschool teens.

bean museum #1 2018.JPG

We went to the Bean Museum at BYU with our cousins.

A year of living books to read as a DIY American History curriculum.

My list of things to stop, things to keep, and things to start with homeschooling. It still applies to me for this new season.

The best books on history, government and politics for teenagers and adults.

Science videos with Steve Spangler.

Why I love the freedom of homeschooling.

weeding for grandma 2018.JPG

We helped Grandma and Grandpa with dejunking and yard work. I call the week we helped Grandma an informal cousins’ camp. My daughter and her cousin organized the bag and gift wrap closet and decided to make shoes out of bags, lol.

New ideas to make homeschooling more fun and meaningful.

Economics resources for teens and adults.

A list of videos, podcasts, and books to fan your love of learning as a mom.

Assurance that your kids will thank you for homeschooling them someday! My married daughter and my missionary son have thanked me as well. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to do it. It has been so worth the sacrifice!

Happy homeschooling! It’s best to keep it simple by reading books, doing service, connecting with friends with weekly groups, and playing! Enjoy and don’t stress about checklists!

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Utah Waldorf Conference Aug. 10-11

Announcing the 2018 Utah Waldorf Conference! I’m so excited about this conference my friend Krystelle is hosting in August. Read and comment below if you are interested in entering a random drawing for a giveaway of a two-day ticket, valued at $130! Winner will be announced on Friday July 27!

If you are ready to buy tickets right away, register by going here!

You can read my recap of a past Waldorf Conference here.

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Countdown to Pioneer Day Story #1: Pioneering the Gospel in Austria


I got to attend this a-MAAAZ-ing family reunion a few days ago here in Utah, for my mother-in-law’s branch of the family tree, the Hiltons. The photo above shows just one branch of the branches.


Perhaps I will share more about that later. The setting was incredible: trees, expansive lawns, a pond, swans, a canoe, mountains!


I felt love, prosperity, beauty and family everywhere I turned. I truly felt I had stepped into heaven!


Anyway,  while there I met someone who is descended from a person today’s pioneer story is about. He has married into the Hiltons. His ancestor is Thomas Biesinger, who was the first missionary of the restoration to share the gospel in Austria. His story is so incredible! After preaching the gospel he was thrown into prison. Then he got a letter from his missionary companion, who was sick with smallpox in a hospital. What happened next will knock your socks off!

You can read the whole story here.

I am grateful for people like Thomas Biesinger who have courageously shared and stood for truth. May we have the same courage!

You can read more stories like this I have curated in my Family Devotionals Ebook here. It’s on sale until the end of July, $3.99 instead of $9.99!

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Upcoming Online Summit About Hope With Autism!

Can autism be healed?

Is there hope for improving symptoms of autism?

I’d like to introduce you to Julie Matthews, who has researched these topics and will be sharing what she’s found online in a few weeks!

I am thrilled to invite you to the Nourishing Hope for Autism Summit – Free Online!

For 16 years, Julie Matthews of Nourishing Hope has provided scientifically based nutrition strategies that heal the symptoms and behaviors associated with Autism, ADHD, ADD and other developmental delays. Now, she has gathered twenty five leading experts to present the science, their clinical results, and steps parents can take in their own home to help their children with autism.

Starting today, you can register to attend the online summit for free here:

> Click Here to Register For Free <<  

Along the way you will:

– Discover nutrition and related strategies proven to improve the health, learning, and behavior of those with autism.
– Hear from scientists and wellness professionals together in conversation about how children with autism can recover – and how food, diet, and nutrition choices, as well as functional medicine strategies, can help.

– Learn about the underlying biochemistry of autism, therapeutic diets, supplements, and remedies that are supportive, and environmental toxins to avoid.

The strategies you will learn are science-backed approaches that are effective at improving the symptoms of autism and related childhood disorders.

Register here!
This summit is unique because it focuses in on diet and nutrition to improve autism and related disorders – and is a cohesive educational event. Each conversation will leave you with actionable takeaways you can try at home, research further, or ask your physician about.

Register to attend now  while it’s still free and gain the knowledge and confidence to put hope into action.

Together we are nourishing hope!

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Going Deeper with the Carol Tuttle Four Energy Types

I learned about Carol Tuttle’s Energy Profliling System several years ago. I got to hear her speak at a Moms’ Retreat which was tons of fun. I’ve enjoyed learning about it, AND I’ve been frustrated that certain people in my life don’t seem to fit into any of the types. They baffle me. That’s why I’m so excited to have visited with a friend this past week where I discovered a personality/energy typing system that explains why. This is the ancient enneagram system, based on three Hebraic principles. It has 9 types! Wow! I am finally solving some mysteries. Like what type my husband is, and why three of my sons who seem very different all seem to have aspects of Carol Tuttle’s Type 3. Even using the Secondary Types I haven’t been able to figure them out. With the enneagram you have 9 types, and then even more permutations because each type has a “wing” and a “variant.” I hope you enjoy learning about this system so that you relate to yourself and others better. It fascinates me! Here’s a book you can get about it and a shorter video.

Then there’s also this book, Personality Types: Using the Enneagram in Self-Discovery. 

It’s by one of the coauthors of the original book and is a bit more readable because it doesn’t go as deep. I have some awesome news to share from my friend about all this but I will wait until she goes public with it to share.

Disclaimer: This post has amazon affiliate links.

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LEMI Training: or How to Homeschool Teens


Last week I attended this thing called LEMI Training in Salt Lake City, UT. LEMI stands for Leadership Education Mentoring Institute. The purpose of LEMI is to train homescool parents on how to mentor youth to achieve scholar phase. My friends, Tiffany Earl and Aneladee Milne created LEMI. Attending the annual training in SLC has almost become a tradition for me. I haven’t been every year, but most of them since 2008. I missed the past two years which I was so sad about. Every year, the first day of training on Thursday morning involves a free session open to anybody, to come and learn about LEMI philosophy. You can watch the above video to get basically the same presentation I saw last week. This year my friends Kent and Amy Bowler did it. It had some of the same stuff I’ve seen before and more added. I have to say, this is the first year I have cried during it. The stories they told were so powerful! I’m sad that the stories are missing in the above video.

This video above features my dear friend Amy Bowler explaining a bit about LEMI Training.

LEMI holds trainings to teach parents how to mentor LEMI Scholar Projects. Scholar Projects are classes taught by homeschooled moms and dads for youth ages 12 to 18, usually in informal groups, homeschool co-ops, or New Commonwealth Schools. These classes are held once a week. My four older children have completed most of these projects and loved them. I trained this year to teach Quest 3 which I am super excited about. Why is it so important to me that my children participate in Quest 1, 2, and 3? My friend and second cousin Jorgina wrote about that here.

We watched the video below by Sir Ken Robinson to help us know why a change in the education paradigm is so important.



If you’ve ever wanted to hold classes for your homeschooled youth and other youth in your area, I highly suggest you study LEMI’s philosophy and get trained in a scholar project to bring to your area. After you watch these videos in this blog post, you can watch other videos here in a blog post. Here are some musings from my 2012 LEMI Training.  Then here are other blog posts about my LEMI Trainings through the years. You can learn more here.


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55% off Tuttle Twins Books About Liberty

Have you ever wanted a series of books to help your children understand liberty and the reason why we celebrate Independence Day?

The Tuttle Twins books fit the bill. The author, Connor Boyack, wrote the Tuttle Twins series of books is to teach the values, ideas, and principles that a free society requires. As he says, “Independence gave Americans the chance to improve justice, better protect property rights, repeal bad laws, defend commerce, and more.”

Let’s make celebrating independence more meaningful than hot dogs and fireworks by knowing and living the ideas of a free society.

If you want to help others learn these ideas, remember that the Tuttle Twins Independence Day sale ends tonight! So share the coupon code with friends and family — or use it yourself.

Remember, 55% OFF using coupon JULY4. But it ends tonight!

So click now: tuttletwins.com

FTC Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.

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