Online Kundalini Yoga Class

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The following is a message from my friend Dionne about an online yoga class she is offering. You can take it in the comfort of your own home since it is online! Read on for the description of the class in Dionne’s own words:


I am pleased to announce my next 6-week kundalini yoga & meditation class series! This is an ONLINE class that you will be able to attend live and/or watch later.

Are you feeling the joy in your physical being that you are here to experience? Do people around you notice your light and are they drawn to it?

In these 6 weeks, you will experience the truth of what Marianne Williamson teaches: “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We are all meant to shine, as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Join me in this 6-week class to learn tools that will help you get back to that place of light and joy.

Your capacity to shine will increase, you will know you are a child of God, and your ability to take big steps in your life will grow!

You will be using your body to experience happiness and turn on your light! Each yoga kriya (series of exercises) and meditation has been carefully selected to support the theme for the week.

Class outline:
2/15: Clearing the Path to Righteousness: Anger
2/22: Clearing the Path to Righteousness: Fear
3/1: Creativity: The Spiritual Gift We All Possess
3/8: Strength: Practice in Living a Good Life
3/15: Conscious Communication
3/22: (Wo)men are that they might have JOY!

Day/Time: Thursdays, 5:00-6:30 AM MT. This will be an early morning class so you can start the day feeling amazing!! But if you can’t make it at that time, each session will be recorded and participants will receive a link to the recording that you can keep and practice with again and again!

Cost: The price for the whole series is $199, but for anyone referred by Celestia, I’m offering you half off, so you pay only $99! This offer is extended until Monday, February 12.

Registration: Register Here!

I hope you can join me for this very special class!
Dionne Schetzel
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October Sky Discussion Questions

This school year, I am mentoring a class with homeschooled teens ages 15-17. It’s the QUEST LEMI Scholar Project. I love finding movies to help the youth see people following their dreams in a way that uses scholar skills. This movie was perfect for that! If you haven’t seen it, go watch it! We decided to watch it for a family movie night. It does have a bunch of swear words, reflective of the story’s setting, a coal-mining town. So watch with Clear Play or, here’s my DIY version of Clear Play: Just Google the script, then have it handy on your phone or tablet, read ahead, and be ready to mute the swear words. That’s what I did. It’s just so much easier to repeat those words when we hear them repeatedly so I choose to mute them.

This movie is based on the true story of Homer Hickam, Jr. who was a young man in the 1950s and 60s. He dreamed of becoming a rocket scientist, even though nobody in his small town of Coalwood West Virginia had never done that. I love how he fights for his dream and succeeds!

Here are some discussion questions:

  1. Who is Dr. Werner Von Braun? He is mentioned early in the movie. Who is someone in your area of interest that you admire and why?
  2.  In the movie, Homer often writes letters to Dr. Von Braun. Have you ever thought of writing a letter to someone famous to talk about your challenges and who would it be? Do you think writing these letters helped Homer?
  3. Homer’s father tells Homer not to fire any more rockets on company property. So Homer honors his father by obeying that instruction. Then Homer finds a way to continue to fire rockets without disobeying his father. Have your parents ever given you instruction that you disagreed with because you felt they didn’t understand your dream? Have you found a way to honor them and continue to follow your dream?
  4. Homer walks 8 miles to get to a place that’s not company property so he can obey his father’s direction. What distances have you gone to continue to follow your dream?
  5. Homer realizes he doesn’t know enough math and science to make a rocket. He decides to befriend the class nerd to learn more, even though his friends tell him that befriending the nerd will mean “kissing his social life goodbye.” Were his friends correct? Has there been a time when you refused to listen to your friends and did something you knew would help you pursue your dream? What was the result?
  6. Homer’s father has a different dream for Homer than Homer has for himself. Have any of you experienced having different dreams than your parents?
  7. Homer takes railroad property and it appears that he has no negative consequence. What do you think about that? Did he end up having a negative consequence?
  8. Homer’s mother intervenes to help Homer get a stolen part for his science fair display. Can you think of other times in literature, including scriptures, or other history when a mother has intervened to help her child? How has your  mother intervened to help you? Are you even aware of all the times your mother has intervened to help you? (Go ask her. 😉 )
  9. Rockets and space craft were new for the people in Homer’s day. What current inventions are being developed right now that interest you and why?
  10. Homer and his friends are accused of starting a forest fire. They end up exonerating themselves because of their knowledge of math. Has there been a time when using your brains got you out of trouble?
  11. What is the first thing that Homer does after he wins the science fair? Who can you give thanks to for helping you on your journey to success?
  12. What is your big dream? What would you do if you knew you could?











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Weddings Are so Awesome!

I drove to Utah to attend a wedding in October. It was so beautiful! The intimate gathering of family and friends for the wedding sealing in the LDS Provo City Center Temple was so touching. I felt amazement to think that this young woman, Larisa, who got married, used to be a 12 year old in my daughter’s homeschool drama class, just yesterday it seems.

Now in a blink of an eye, she is this beautiful young bride, matured and ready to embark on a new season of life. She has served a mission for the LDS church and been educated in the classics. She also creates amazing music with her voice, viola, and piano. Here is a link to some of her music.

The Provo City Center temple is so beautiful. Here is a video about it. I love how it has a gazebo close to it that shelters a visitors’ center and waiting area for family members and children who don’t have access to the temple yet.

The groom’s family held a luncheon catered by Cafe Rio (yum!) after the ceremony. It was fun to hear Larisa’s mom sing some songs dedicated to the couple.

Then the bride and groom played “the shoe game.” It was lots of fun to watch. I’m so grateful that I decided to make the long drive to attend the festivities. I got to meet the groom’s mother at the reception and have a long chat with her. She is dealing with an issue similar to one I have so it was great to get her perspective. So many times God leads us to people in our path so that we can be blessed by them or we can bless with the words we say. The whole day was a beautiful reminder to me of the power of God’s plan of happiness, how it involves eternal family life because of the priesthood ordinances found in the holy temples of the Lord. I love how each wedding is the joining of two families to produce a new family.



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What Do You Wish You Had Known Before You Got Married?

Whew! I haven’t been able to blog lately because of the interminable checklists for Christmas and the December wedding of my daughter, on top of daily life as a Mormon homeschool mom with a gaggle of kids wanting to stay healthy and somewhat organized. We had a fun outing to the big city last weekend with three parties to attend, one for my husband’s work, one for my kids’ homeschool friends, and one for my dear friend. During the trip we gathered around the electronic hearth (a laptop) in the the hotel room to watch Father of the Bride. My kids had never seen it before! I’ve been saving it for such an opportune time as this. I’m so glad my daughter and her fiance got to watch it with us. I’ve always loved this movie! It came out the year I got married. It sure helped me understand what my dad was going through. Now that my daughter is getting married I relate to it as a mom instead of as a bride. I feel similar things that Steve Martin’s character feels, even though I’m a mom. I even forgot my future son-in-law’s name at a recent party, just like George does in the movie. I love his facial expressions as he eyes his daughter’s honey! So pricelessly funny! During my multitasking of watching the movie and Christmas shopping on Amazon I did take time to catch some of those and laugh at them. The video below shows one of them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about family and branches and intermingling of clans and family roles and traditions surrounding holidays and weddings, ever since my friend’s daughter got married in October, which I got to witness. I love it all! It gets so messy and chaotic and imperfect and frustrating but it’s an awesome, thrilling, worthwhile adventure for sure. My whole daughter’s life I have told her never to get married in December. It’s cold. it’s inconvenient. It’s stressful. People don’t have as much money to buy you presents! But here we are, it’s happening! I had to surrender to her future step-father-in law’s plans, which made it impossible to do the wedding in Oct or Nov. Yes, believe it or not, part of family life, especially expanding family life, is adjusting to the needs of other people. I had to finally agree to let go to the schedule of a complete stranger so he could be at the blessed event. It’s hard to believe that in a blink of an eye 22 years have passed and my baby girl is getting married! We had our last “mentor meeting” yesterday before she enters married life.

I’d love to pass on any advice you wise, thoughtful ones have out there. What do you wish you had known before you got married, or left on the honeymoon? Please comment below and keep it PG :-).

OK, I just had to vent all that before I went ballistic like Steve/George in the scene below. I feel better now and can resume the checklists.

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Countdown to Christmas Story #2: Christmas with the Little Women

We listened to this today while the kids cracked pecans and I made lunch. It’s the chapter about Christmas from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I’ve read the book a few times, but I don’t remember the part about the girls finding their present under their pillow. It sounds like it was the Bible, “the beautiful old story of the best life ever lived” as it says at the :45 second mark. The book is “a true guide for every pilgrim.” I also don’t remember ever noticing that Meg and Jo decide to read it every day first thing in the morning. That’s a great gift to give ourselves every day! I’ve been reading the scriptures first thing with my family for a few years now. I know it makes a huge difference in the rest of my day!

This Christmas story from Little Women is so sweet because it involves all the elements of a truly nourishing Christmas: remembering Jesus, “the best life ever lived,” sacrificing for others who are less fortunate, being with your family, eating yummy food, creating your own entertainment as a family through song and story, and receiving gifts. Most years at Christmas, our family entertainment has been visiting with each other. Maybe some day I can get the kids to perform a play like the Little Women do. I love how the March girls give away their breakfast food to a sick, pregnant mother and her starving children. Then the March girls get a fancy dinner from their rich neighbor, Mr. Lawrence. A great example of the give/receive cycle that is always working in life, and especially at Christmas.

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Countdown to Christmas: Give the Gift of Memorized Poetry

I stumbled across a new LaDawn Jacob video last week! I’m so excited! I devoured it three times already! Now to digest it and actually apply all she teaches. Watch above and be inspired! You can learn more about LaDawn and why I think she is so cool here. Lest you get discouraged, realize she freely admits in the video above that after she got married and had kids, she discovered she wasn’t such a nice person. She got angry, yelled, and swore! So this is hope for all of us, lol! She persisted, however, in doing things that matter with her children like helping them memorize poetry and scriptures.

This Christmas, consider giving a gift of memorized poetry to the people that are hard to buy for, like grandparents, aunts, and uncles. How cool to present a piece of memorized poetry by tiny children like LaDawn’s grandchildren did for her on Mothers’ Day in the video above! You will find the a link to LaDawn’s collections of scriptures and poetry at the same page as the link above, here once again.

I have to say, the little grandson with the eager loud voice makes me think of my own enthusiastic son who is now 19. At age 3 he was the cutest little thing, unabashedly taking center stage and mic with his memorized poems of Sandra Boynton at homeschool productions. He’s not here for Christmas this year because he’s on an LDS mission, so this memory brings tears to my eyes.

I attended a meeting with LaDawn as a speaker for homeschool moms when he was a baby. She influenced my relationship with him and all my children greatly. So thank you LaDawn, your legacy lives on, not just in your posterity, but with mothers for whom you have been a light, leading us to Christ.

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Countdown to Christmas, Gift Idea #1: the Thing Explainer

My technophile firstborn gave this book to his younger siblings for Christmas two years ago. It’s a totally fun book that explains how over 100 things work in simple, nontech language, using the most common 1000 words. The kids didn’t really dive into it right away, so for awhile I would a read a page a day to my youngest, who wasn’t into reading on his own. I learned not to read the whole page, but just enough until I could see he was bored and had had enough. There’s a lot of text on each page, more than enough for a child to be interested in. This is the kind of book that will grow with a child for sure. He or she may not read it all at once, but by the time he/she is an adult hopefully he/she will have read it all and be super smart about techy-stuff. Not only will your kids know how things work, but they will be able to teach others how they work in simple terms. I’ve noticed some of the kids have picked it up on their own lately. It’s only $15.69 through Amazon Prime! It would make a great gift for anybody who likes to learn how things work, especially teens, dads or grandpas. Or just buy it for you and make an excuse that it is for homeschooling! It’s got over 800 reviews on amazon with an average of 4 stars!

Here’s what amazon says about it:

In Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words, things are explained in the style of Up Goer Five, using only drawings and a vocabulary of the 1,000 (or “ten hundred”) most common words. Explore computer buildings (datacenters), the flat rocks we live on (tectonic plates), the things you use to steer a plane (airliner cockpit controls), and the little bags of water you’re made of (cells).

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