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Patriotic Books for Summer from My National Treasure Tour, Part 2

  Today I am sharing all the great American history books for kids, and a few for adults, that I found in the gift shops at Mt. Vernon and Valley Forge on my recent trip back east. So these are … Continue reading

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Treasure #2 of My National Treasure Tour: Martha Washington

Do you all realize what a treasure Martha Washington is?  George wouldn’t be the man he was without her aid and comfort. Not to mention her wealth as well, :-). When he married her and got a part of her … Continue reading

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Treasure #1 from My National Treasure Tour: Mt. Vernon and Anne Cunningham, the Woman Who Rescued It, and What We Can Learn From Her

Are you ready to go on a National Treasure Tour with me?! In honor of Independence Day coming up, I am going to blog over the next while to share my “national treasures”: my memories, book ideas, and nuggets of … Continue reading

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DIY Pretty Cash Envelope for the Super Frugal, Glamor Girl

    OK, I’m writing this post in part to celebrate a huge announcement! We are officially debt free!!!!! Yee-haw!!! Can I get an amen, hallelujah, and happy jig?!!! I want to shout our debt-free scream and dance on the … Continue reading

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Come, Follow Me: Insights for the Week about Peter’s Denial of Jesus

  So in our family study recently about the atonement and crucifixion of Jesus, using the Come, Follow Me Study Guide, we read about Peter denying the Savior three times. I’ve always felt sad thinking about Peter doing this. This … Continue reading

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Patriotic Books for Summer from My National Treasure Tour, Part 1

  Here is the beginning of my patriotic book posts, just in time to get ready to celebrate Independence Day! These books pictured below I garnered from my recent “National Treasure” tour. I had the privilege of touring D.C. and … Continue reading

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Summer Food Recipes from Me and the Trim Healthy Mamas

It’s summer! Don’t you just feel like exploring some new foods? If you want some new salad, grill, or cool drinks and desserts, I’ve got some ideas! A slushy lemonade drink is here. Here’s my recipe for Southwest Bell Pepper … Continue reading

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Out of the Best Books: Classics We Studied in April and May 2019

It’s time to do another recap of classics we’ve been studying in our home, for homeschool and family life. Words that I hold sacred, from the holy writ of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, says … Continue reading

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Book Review: Joy in the Covenant by Julie B. Beck

      This book is by Julie Beck, one of my all-time favorite women leaders of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Sister Beck has a way of just telling it like it is. Like … Continue reading

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Come Follow Me: Week #19, What I Learned at the Smithsonian Institute When My Toenails Were About to Fall Off

Sorry for being so long in blogging. I went on this amazingly epic trip with some of my homeschool mom friends, one homeschool dad friend, and their kids to Washington D.C. recently. Hence the blogging hiatus. Getting ready for such … Continue reading

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