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3 Ingredient Keto Pancakes or Chancakes

I heard about chaffles, which are keto waffles made out of cheese and eggs. They appear to be all the rage. Cheese + waffles = chaffles, get it? It sounds strange or gross, to have waffles made out of cheese … Continue reading

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Easiest Birthday Cake Ever!

    Here’s how to make the easiest birthday “cake” ever. It’s total, 100% ice cream (with whipped cream frosting) in the shape of a round, two layer cake. You can use whatever ice cream/frozen dessert recipe you want. So … Continue reading

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Homemade Ice Cream that Even Stays Cold and Scoopable When Out All Day at a Picnic

My friend Myra over at, has this super awesome way to make perfectly scoopable ice cream that stays cold and scoopable, even as you take it with you to picnics and hikes! It does require a gadget called a … Continue reading

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Summer Food Recipes from Me and the Trim Healthy Mamas

It’s summer! Don’t you just feel like exploring some new foods? If you want some new salad, grill, or cool drinks and desserts, I’ve got some ideas! A slushy lemonade drink is here. Here’s my recipe for Southwest Bell Pepper … Continue reading

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Homemade Marshmallows for Easter

Have you ever made marshmallows? Did you even know that was possible, or did you think they only come from the store? They are a super fun Easter treat! They also provide a great lesson in kitchen chemistry. It is … Continue reading

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Sugar-free Chocolate for Holidays or Every Day!

I don’t know who first came up with the idea of eating chocolate on Valentine’s Day, Easter or Christmas time, but I love doing it! Not just at holidays, but every day! What better way to be reminded of the … Continue reading

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Easy DIY Greek Yogurt Hack- No Testing the Temperature Required!

I discovered a hack for making one of my favorite staple foods,  DIY Greek yogurt. This is the perfect method if you have to be gone all day, or need Greek yogurt in the morning when you wake up, but … Continue reading

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Super Easy Way to Make Cauliflower “Rice” Without a Food Processor

  I love love this new way that the Trim Healthy Mamas show to make cauliflower rice. It’s so easy!

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How to Stretch Ground Beef and Your Food Budget

  The Trim Healthy Mama sisters, Serene and Pearl, show a hack for stretching ground beef  in the video above. I’ve been doing a similar thing already for years, except I use cabbage. For those of you like my sister-in-law … Continue reading

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Wheat-free Sugar-Free Chocolate Birthday Cake

So remember how I used spaghetti squash to adapt the Trim Healthy Mama Trimtastic Zucchini cake  (page 296 of the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook)? I did the same thing with the recipe recently. Only this time I did have some zucchini … Continue reading

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