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Celebrating an Amazing Mom, Her Love of Mothering and Kitchen Blessings

If you are a mom and need a mothering story to pick you up, listen to this! This video will help you feel motivated to just keep going in your ordinary mom life. Watch and/or listen below to this amazing … Continue reading

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Thriving on Thursday: Review of Trim Healthy Mama Workins’ Exercise Kit

This post has been years in the making. I’m excited to get it out at last! After blogging that I was going to engage with it, I finally feel qualified to share my review of the above product, which you … Continue reading

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My New Podcast/Audiobooks Scholar Schedule

(Note: I wrote most of this on a Monday but I’m publishing on a Tuesday.) Whew! I’m so happy that on a Monday afternoon, I can come home and not feel like a human popsicle. All of last fall, every … Continue reading

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Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry

We, some girlfriends and I, had this yummy main dish at my birthday retreat last week. I found it in the Trim Healthy Mama Table book and tweaked it a bit. I didn’t have okra, which is called for in … Continue reading

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Homemade Marshmallows for Easter

Have you ever made marshmallows? Did you even know that was possible, or did you think they only come from the store? They are a super fun Easter treat! They also provide a great lesson in kitchen chemistry. It is … Continue reading

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The Trim Healthy Mama Foxy Mama Challenge

So, in my Veggie Gal group we’ve been talking about something we’ve never covered before…how often to have “marital relations.” We’ve been pretty frank over the 20+ years of our dinner/lunch group, talking about enemas and colonics and such, and … Continue reading

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How to Stretch Ground Beef and Your Food Budget

  The Trim Healthy Mama sisters, Serene and Pearl, show a hack for stretching ground beef  in the video above. I’ve been doing a similar thing already for years, except I use cabbage. For those of you like my sister-in-law … Continue reading

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Wheat-free Sugar-free Chocolate Cake

My youngest child has been battling canker sores lately so I had to come up with a sugar-free dessert that wouldn’t aggravate them. We always have a treat for Family Home Evening on Sunday nights. (I am happy to report … Continue reading

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Trim Healthy Table Review and Giveaway

It’s time for a giveaway! I previewed this book over here, and now I’m ready to review it, after using the book and testing many of the recipes for over a year. So, first read my preview, over here. Then … Continue reading

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