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Celebrating an Amazing Mom, Her Love of Mothering and Kitchen Blessings

If you are a mom and need a mothering story to pick you up, listen to this! This video will help you feel motivated to just keep going in your ordinary mom life. Watch and/or listen below to this amazing … Continue reading

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Please Listen to This Before You Get the Vaccine

Here’s some information to listen to about the jab for you know what. I haven’t fact checked it. I encourage you to listen to it and do your own research. Then prayerfully make your own decision. It’s a podcast by … Continue reading

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Abby Johnson: Manna from Heaven for the Pro-Life Movement

Have you heard about the new movie Unplanned? It was released March 29. It’s based on the book of the true story of Abby Johnson. The trailer for the movie is at the very top. Abby went from being the … Continue reading

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What I Learned from Come Follow Me Week #10

So here’s what I learned from last week’s study of Come, Follow Me, the Bible-based curriculum for home and church study for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My favorite story from last week’s lesson was that of … Continue reading

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