Celebrating an Amazing Mom, Her Love of Mothering and Kitchen Blessings

Photo Credit: Trim Healthy Mama YouTube Channel

If you are a mom and need a mothering story to pick you up, listen to this! This video will help you feel motivated to just keep going in your ordinary mom life. Watch and/or listen below to this amazing interview that Pearl Barrett of Trim Healthy Mama fame did recently with Erin Harrison, on the THM Podcast (the “poddy”). Erin is an amazing mom who adopted a special needs child nobody wanted. You will love her story! Her website features a short bio about her, over here. In addition to her special needs son, she also has adopted a special needs daughter. I am so awed by Erin’s story! She shows the power of ordinary mothering. Her special needs son couldn’t walk, when Erin started fostering him. Now, this little boy can walk, even run, and is down from 20 medications to only 1 thyroid pill!

I remember hearing Erin’s voice from some podcasts that Pearl’s mother, Nancy Campbell, did with Erin over a year ago, about falling in love with our kitchens. That was on the Above Rubies sponsored podcast, called “Live Life to the Full.” I remember thinking that Erin sounded so wonderfully happy and content with the ordinary life of being a mom, celebrating each meal with the beauty of a wonderfully set table with a tablecloth, napkins, and music. It was just delightful to listen to her talk about all of it. You will love these additional interviews and resources about her:

Here is Part 1 of “We Love Our Kitchens” with Nancy and Erin on the Above Rubies podcast.

Here is Part 2 of “We Love our Kitchens”

-And then here is Part 3 of “We Love our Kitchens”

-Erin has her own podcast, called “Tea Time Talk Show,” about homemaking and mothering, found here.

here is her blog with some IG reels of her and her adopted son

-in this funny blog post here she shares how the blessings of twins have affected her

-lastly, here is her book, which even garnered an endorsement from Michelle Duggar! Michelle says, “I highly recommend Erin Harrison’s new book, Living Virtuously. Erin is an energetic wife and mother who has a heart to encourage young mothers to train their children to love God and to have a ministry mindset.”

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