Free recordings from the 2009 Tree of Life Mothering conference

These are mp3 files of talks given at the Tree of Life Mothering (also known as the Natural Family Living for LDS Moms) Conference held in April of 2009 in South Jordan, Utah. Speakers included Leslie Householder, Donna Goff, Vernie DeMille, Joyce Kinmont, Diann Jeppson, Jodie Palmer, Aneladee Milne, Joyce Mitchell, and Jonell Francis.

Leslie Householder: “How a Stay-at-home Mom Can Attract Prosperity”
Leslie is the author of Hidden Treasures: Discover Heaven’s Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters, The Jackrabbit Factor, and Portal to Genius. She is an LDS homeschooling mom of seven and lives in Mesa AZ. Visit her at

Donna Goff: “Nurturing a Mother’s Soul”
Donna is an LDS homeschooling mother of 7 and grandmother of many. Visit her at,, and

Joyce Kinmont: “Treasuring Our Children”
Joyce is the founder of Latter-day Saint Home Educators Association (see, a mother of 8, and grandmother of many.

Diann Jeppson and Jodie Palmer “The Magic of Mealtime”
Diann and Jodie are LDS homeschooling moms. Diann is the co-author of A Thomas Jefferson Home Education Companion and founder of AYLI (see, TJED Marketplace ( and Jodie is the mother of three, former president of the Utah College of Midwifery and business partner with Diann in the last organization.

Aneladee Milne: “Getting Your Family off the Entertainment Conveyor Belt”
Aneladee is an LDS homeschooling mom of six, grandmother of three, and co-founder of LEMI (see the

Jonell Francis
Jonell is the mother of 9 and author of “The Feel Good Cookbook.” She healed herself from fibromyalgia and chronic yeast by improving her diet. Get the talk and hear her story!

Vernie DeMille: “How to Garden With Little Children”
Vernie is an LDS homeschooling mom of 4 and a farmer/gardener with her husband in Oregon. See

Joyce Mitchell: “Home Funerals”

Joyce is an LDS mother of four who lives in Orem, Utah.


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