This article summarizes why breastfeeding is so great. It is superfood and medicine for every baby. It’s what every baby deserves. And to think that Heavenly Father designed women to be the creators of such a wonder substance! Amazing!

La Leche League is a mother-to-mother support group for breastfeeding. Go to http://llliorg. to find a monthly meeting near you and read the breastfeeding FAQs. Here is the link for their magazine, which is now free online for anybody: La Leche League’s New Beginnings

Don’t fall for the tricks of the slick artificial baby milk industry. What are these tricks? Read here

Many obstacles to breastfeeding fall away when we do “biological nurturing,” a term coined by Suzanne Colson. Watch and learn here

You might think that you can’t breastfeed. Did you know that breastfeeding has natural laws? Learn and apply the laws and you can be successful at breastfeeding. Here’s a video about the Seven Natural Laws of Breastfeeding.

If I absolutely had done everything I could to nurse my baby, applied all the laws above, and had not success, or had a rare condition that precluded breastfeeding, I would make my own baby milk and not use artificial baby milk created by the ABM industry. I would use this recipe from the Weston A. Price foundation and feed my baby with an SNS to involve the skin to skin contact of breastfeeding.

Did you know that the ancient Hebrew word for “wean” also means “to ripen”? I learned that from Dr. and Mrs. Sears’ The Baby Book. When the fruits of our wombs, our babies, are weaned when they are fully ripe or ready, they receive tremendous blessings of health, strength and vigor given to them from their mother tree. I remember one time picking apricots off of our tree with my mother-in-law. She noted that the apricots that got to stay on the tree the longest so they could draw strength from the tree tasted the best. Many mothers find that when they let their babies nurse as long as possible, the babies have much fewer ear infections, allergies, asthma, and other illnesses.


In the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, the ancient prophet Lehi sees a vision of the Tree of Life. The fruit of the tree of life is the sweetest of all fruit, the most desirous of all things. When Lehi’s son Nephi asks for the meaning of the tree of life, and the fruit, he is not given an answer in words, at first. Instead, he is shown an image of a mother. Not any mother, but Mary, the mother of Jesus.


Because he is shown this image Nephi instantly knows that the tree of life symbolizes love. Not just any love, but the love of God, as manifested by the gift of His Only Begotten Son, the Savior Jesus Christ. Why was Nephi  shown an image of a mother with a baby? Because everyone knows that mothers radiate pure love. A prophet of God, Joseph F. Smith stated that “A mother’s love comes nearer to the love of God than anything on earth.”


The tree of life motif is found in many cultures across time and space. See “tree of life” at It is God’s way of telling us that He loves us.


It’s no accident then that a mother has two anatomical features that are shaped like “trees of life” and that are part of her mothering/loving/nurturing ability: the breasts with the tree-like milk ducts and the placenta. These organs are literal “trees of life” to her baby. As a tree gives food, mothers give food and life from these nurturing organs. This is the way God has designed women.


Breastfeeding contributes significantly to a baby’s health. A bottlefed baby will tend to have a lower IQ and much greater health risks than an exclusively breastfed baby. A baby exclusively breastfed for at least six months, and then breastfed for a long time afterward, is much less likely to get ear infections, have cancer, have respiratory infections, be obese, have cholesterol problems as an adult, have emotional attachment problems, need braces, and many more health problems.


By breastfeeding your baby you can do something for your baby that no one else can do. As the Savior Jesus Christ is a tree of life to all of us, you, in a small way, can be a tree of life to your baby. Anytime you do something for someone else, that they can’t do for themselves, you are following the Savior’s example. You can emulate the Savior’s example and be a tree of life to your baby. Nobody but you as the baby’s mother can give your baby your milk the way you can. Your baby is only a baby for a small amount of time. Enjoy this time and consecrate your body to breastfeeding, even ecological breastfeeding! It’s something only you can do, and your body and spirit will benefit as well. You won’t have periods and you will have less risk of uterine, ovarian, and endometrial, and breast cancer. The earth will benefit too from fewer bottles and maxi-pads in the landfills. See

A common problem for mom with a healthy supply is to have overactive letdown. This is where babies choke and sputter at the breast and can’t keep up with the flow. This is a great article to help with that issue

Even if you adopted your baby, you can breastfeed! Go to

What are The Best Resources on the Web for Breastfeeding?

Here are my favorite online resources for breastfeeding… This is La Leche League’s site, the original and longest-running support group for nursing moms. You can go to the Resources tab and find many answers to your questions, see If you can’t find your answer there go to the search box and type in a keyword of something you are interested in, like “adoptive nursing” or “refusing to latch on” or “fussy baby” and you will pull up some informative articles from LLLI’s magazines. These are written by moms who have been there and know what you are going through. You can also access all of their periodical publications online under the resources tab. These include New Beginnings and Breastfeeding Today. I always love to read these when I have a new baby. You can find a local La Leche League meeting to attend or call a local La Leche League Leader with a question. Go to the “resources” tab and then you will see a “Help” section where it says you can find a local group. You can also submit questions online. The site also has forums where you can discuss topics.

Dr. Jack Newman is a medical doctor who limits his practice to breastfeeding. He has some very helpful resources here This is the web site of Sheila Kippley, and her husband John Kippley. For decades they have taught the importance of ecological breastfeeding and natural family planning. These are the natural, God-given forms of infant nurturing and family planning. We would all be wise to learn from the Kippleys. They teach how ecological breastfeeding fits into the context of family planning.


Then there’s (don’t type in .org or you’ll get scary links). It is chock full of attachment parenting and breastfeeding info. Some of the pages seemed down when I just checked. Hopefully they will be back.


I just encountered It has podcasts all about breastfeeding. A mom at my LLL meeting was raving about it. It seems very breastfeeding-friendly but I haven’t listened to any of the shows yet.


I tend to be leery of taking drugs, but if I ever had to and was told I couldn’t nurse, I would be checking Dr. Thomas Hale’s web site. Dr. Hale is the leading authority on medications and mother’s milk. He’s written a book with that phrase as the title, which he updates regularly. He has had a forum where you could go and find out if a drug is compatible with nursing. He says that that forum has some outdated information. Now he has a new forum with a new URL, which is much easier to remember. You can access both here He restricts asking questions to health care professionals but anybody is allowed to peruse the forums, and he has a new section on the new forum, for mothers with special conditions. He also has a phone number where people can call The Infant Risk Center.



Then there’s the blog of Nancy Mohrbacher, an IBCLC. She is also an LLL Leader and one of the authors of The Breastfeeding Answer Book. I like her Seven Natural Laws of Breastfeeding. Whenever breastfeeding is in the news she gives a wise perspective. See