Abby Johnson: Manna from Heaven for the Pro-Life Movement

Have you heard about the new movie Unplanned? It was released March 29. It’s based on the book of the true story of Abby Johnson.

The trailer for the movie is at the very top. Abby went from being the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, and having two abortions herself, to being an outspoken critic of abortions. The book and movie show how this happened.



I’ve been binge-watching her interviews and speeches on YouTube. I am thrilled to hear her conversion story! To Christianity, to the pro-life movement, to motherhood, and to the Creighton method of fertility awareness. She is now the mom of 7 and pregnant with baby #8.



Wow! I love her mission as a mom and her ministry to uncover the lies of Planned Parenthood and fight against abortion. She says that her mission is to make abortion not just illegal, but unthinkable.



In one of the videos I found  of her speech in Austin, TX, the guy who introduces her calls her “manna from heaven for the pro-life movement of Texas.” Amen!


She is uniquely positioned to tell of the lies of Planned Parenthood since she used to work for the organization. She has exposed that they aren’t really about women’s health, but about money. Way to go Abby! You go girl! So here are a bunch of videos for you to binge watch the joy and conversion of Abby.



She has a website here telling her story and a sister site here, to help abortion workers leave the business like she did.

She adopted a baby who typically would have been aborted, a biracial baby who was conceived from rape. Wow. I learned from Abby that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a eugenist who wanted to abort babies of African American mothers. That plan is being realized as something like 70% of abortions in the U.S. are of African American mothers, according to Abby, in one of her speeches.



Nancy Campbell, of Above Rubies fame, endorses Abby’s movie, in Nancy’s podcast called, “From Our Home to Yours.” Nancy’s been doing a series of podcast episodes lately about turning our world to a culture of life, called “How We Can Change the World.” In podcast episode 45, she mentions Abby’s movie and says that she saw it twice. In one of the episodes she quotes the Bible,  1 Timothy 2:15, which says that women “will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, and with self-control.” 



It’s so true. Having children and breastfeeding them unrestrictedly provides lower cancer risks, increases mental wellness, and gives women a purpose they have never felt before. Of course, being a woman is not just about being a mother. Of course, women are meant to be more than baby machines. That being said, having children is a huge blessing, both physically and mentally! It is a blessing to cultivate and treasure.



Listen to her whole podcasts of “How We Can Change the World,” starting with Episode 35, to learn more. It’s so interesting that she points out in episode 45, linked above, that an anthropologist studied women in Africa who breastfed frequently. These women experienced lactational amenorrhea, and as a result had fewer than 100 periods in their lifetime instead of the average American women who has over 400. The anthropologist found the African women to be healthier because of this.



Dear fellow women, our conveyor belt system of covering up, chemically changing, and destroying our fertility is destroying us! As Abby Johnson says in one of her speeches, fertility and having children is not something to be broken, but something to be embraced. Women should not be told that their fertility has to be broken in order to be successful. True women empowerment is being in tune with our fertility, and embracing it as mothers, physically if we can, and in spirit, if we can’t bear our own children.

I love that Abby promotes the Creighton method of fertility awareness. In the video below she talks about that and how abortion is tied to contraception. Sisters, I hope you see yourself as a beautiful tree which has seasons of life to enjoy. I have written about that here.

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