A Christ-Centered Easter Celebration Day #1 Tradition

Here’s Day #1 of our week before Easter. Every day, David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman of the Don’t Miss This Come, Follow Me YouTube videos are sharing truths from one eyewitness of Jesus the Christ. They also share a simple idea for decorating your home as a tradition.

Today’s eyewitness is actually the collective people of Jerusalem who honored Jesus on Palm Sunday when he came riding through Jerusalem on a donkey. Before he did so the people spread palm branches down on the ground for the donkey to walk Today’s tradition in honor of Palm Sunday, yesterday, is to cut down a tree branch, akin to a palm branch, and put it in a vase to decorate your home and remind you of honoring Palm Sunday and Jesus.

Jesus came on a donkey to fulfill prophecy. How do you see Jesus coming into your life to fulfill prophecy? By contrast, how do you see him coming in unexpected ways?

In the video above Emily shares that she has been learning from the book Jesus the Messiah by Alfred Edersheim. You can get a free PDF copy of that here.

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