A Christ-centered Easter Celebration Day #2 Tradition

Did you all enjoy yesterday’s suggestion for Day #1 of the Holy Week of finding a tree branch to decorate your home, to remind you of palm fronds and how the Jerusalem people honored Jesus on Palm Sunday? My little guy found a beautiful branch of a mesquite tree (with thorns-ouch!) that is gracing our dining room table now. I found a wonderful explanation about Jesus riding in on a donkey to fulfill prophecy in the BYU Roundtable Discussion below.

Today’s video from David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman is about Simon the Cyrenian. I love the points they make about him and how they help us relate to Simon and ultimately, how to relate to Christ.

What compelling stories of people have you come across as you were “passing by” as  Simon was? How did you get involved in their story?

Whose burden can you carry for a time as Simon did for the Savior? My kids and I talked about the latter question this morning in our devotional, and we will talk about it more and the other questions tonight over dinner. I am going to get some jute so we can make bracelets and remind ourselves to look out for people as we pass by, who we can help.

Tuesday of the Holy Week was probably the day that Jesus engaged in long debate with his critics, as told in Matthew 22. During this debate, the told some parables. I had a great personal scripture study this morning as I delved into the meaning of the parables and discovered why he told them. What was the meaning of the wedding garment? What did Jesus mean about “many are called but few are chosen”? The video below helped me find answers.

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