The Trim Healthy Mama Foxy Mama Challenge


So, in my Veggie Gal group we’ve been talking about something we’ve never covered before…how often to have “marital relations.” We’ve been pretty frank over the 20+ years of our dinner/lunch group, talking about enemas and colonics and such, and we have talked a little about sex, because on one Friday night, one of us said she wanted to get home early to enjoy it with her husband :-), but this is the first time we’ve broached the topic of how often. One of the VGs, Shauna, pointed out that a friend of hers who is a yoga guru, teaches and writes about yoga. Said yoga guru quoted another yoga guru, who claims that sex should be had in moderation, even in marriage. It has health benefits, but too much of it will wear one out, like a car wearing out its batteries, he says.

Hmmm…I wonder what she and he think is “moderation”? Not every day? Not every other day? Not more than once a week? Not more than once a month? Hopefully not to the point of being like Gandhi, who quit enjoying it altogether, right?

I also wonder what they all would think about the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Foxy Mama challenge.


In Chapter 34 of the big, fat, original THM book pictured above, the Trim Healthy Mama sisters, Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, give a low-down on all the benefits of married sex. Wow, I didn’t know about any of these physiological benefits. No wonder married people tend to be healthier! I won’t go into details…just go read it! Your husband will love you for applying what you learn! 🙂

Then they did not one, but two podcast episodes about it, with a “THM Foxy Mama Challenge.” The THM Foxy Mama challenge is to go for it at least twice a week. They explain why in the podcast. Does this challenge conflict with ancient yogi wisdom? Is that too frequent?

For your healthy living enlightenment and marital pleasure, here is the transcript for Part 1, Episode 29.

If you are more of a listener type, you can listen to Part 1 of the Foxy Mama podcast here. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the arrow. (The huge icon for the podcast won’t match the episode’s title.)

That podcast was so successful the sisters did a “Part 2.” Here is the transcript for that one: THM Foxy Mama Part 2, Episode 32. Listen to Foxy Mama part 2 here. Just do it without the kids around, or use earbuds. 🙂

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