Easiest Birthday Cake Ever!




Here’s how to make the easiest birthday “cake” ever. It’s total, 100% ice cream (with whipped cream frosting) in the shape of a round, two layer cake.

You can use whatever ice cream/frozen dessert recipe you want. So that allows you to customize it for your dietary needs, whether they be dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, etc. You will need frozen dessert and two round cake layer pans. Go here to get my favorite frozen dessert recipes, mostly ice cream, some sorbet, sherbet, and frozen yogurt. If you want this cake to be the easiest ever, then just buy from the store. If you are going homemade, make the ice cream the day before the party so it has time to firm up.

Here’s how to assemble, several hours before the party:

  1. Get your favorite frozen dessert. Either buy from the store or make your own the day before. You will need a gallon of it, either two half-gallons, one each of different flavors, or one gallon of the same flavor.
  2. Soften the frozen dessert so it is scoopable by leaving it out for 5-10 minutes. Then use a rubber scraper to scoop it out and form it into a round cake layer pan. Then put the other half-gallon frozen dessert into the other pan.
  3. Put the two pans into the freezer to refreeze for a few hours.
  4. An hour before you want to serve the dessert, take out the pans. Let them sit for a few minutes to soften, and carefully loosen the edges with a butter knife and tap the frozen dessert out onto a cake pedestal or serving tray/dish. Put whipped cream frosting on the bottom layer if desired, then top the bottom layer with the second layer.
  5. Frost more if desired, Put back into the freezer until ready to light the candles and sing.
  6. Top with candles (work quickly because the ice cream is melting!) and/or sign. The sign in the picture above is a Pioneer Woman sign from Walmart. The pedestal is also Pioneer Woman brand from Walmart, both from the party supplies aisle.


Add a board game like Dixit, below, family and/or friends, and you have an instant party! Enjoy!



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