Patriotic Books for Summer from My National Treasure Tour, Part 1

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This beautiful building in the background is the Royal Governor’s Palace at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. It’s so amazing to think that this building looks just like the original one. This one was built in the 1930s, to look like the original. If you’ve ever read the American Girl Felicity books, think of the events that happened here, like the Royal Governor’s Ball that Felicity attended.


Here is the beginning of my patriotic book posts, just in time to get ready to celebrate Independence Day! These books pictured below I garnered from my recent “National Treasure” tour. I had the privilege of touring D.C. and other historic sites for a week at the end of May with some of my homeschool friends. We saw a lot of the things featured in the National Treasure Movie, so that’s why I call it my National Treasure tour. I went to the very room of the National Archives building depicted in the scene below. I saw the precious original founding documents of our nation. I also saw Washington’s personal copy of the Constitution with his notes in his own handwriting in Pennsylvania. So amazing!



It’s going to take me a while to download all the gems that I learned and the treasured memories I collected, here on the blog. I had soooooo much fun! Although my toenails still feel slightly bruised from all the walking with my swollen feet, inside my athletic shoes as we walked 10 plus miles a day touring. I’m used to wearing sandals here in AZ all day, LOL! It was totally worth it though!

OK, we’ll start with some of the books I saw. If you know me at all you know how much I’ve always loved books! The historic sites were cool as well of course. :-). I’ll post pictures of all those later.


I saw this in the window of one of a used book store. How I wanted to go inside!!! It took all of my self-control to resist as we had to leave to get to our flight home!

So here’s Part 1 of My Patriotic Book List from My National Treasure Tour. These are the books I saw in the gift shop at Colonial Williamsburg. Find these at your local library or buy, and enjoy!

IMG_1170 (1).JPG



I came home and found this one at my public library, so I’m currently reading it. I didn’t know these three guys were foodies!



I loved The Midwife’s Apprentice so I will probably like this one too!







Doesn’t this book look so cool?



Where would we be without chocolate??? I’m glad to see it’s a part of our national heritage!











A Little Golden Book I didn’t know about! My mom has a huge collection but she doesn’t have this one!





This is from a series that looks totally fun!





I’m really intrigued by this one!


















IMG_1136 (1).JPG



The image below is not a book cover, but a poster from the gift shop. I love American history! Stay tuned for more book finds in the coming weeks! I took pictures of books in all the gift shops I visited! Soooo…much…fun! When I look them up to find them in my public library’s online catalog, I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt and safari!






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