The Lord’s Hand in History and in Our Own Lives


I love this talk over here that President/Elder M. Russell Ballard gave last December at BYUI for its commencement. The video above is from the same trip he refers to in the talk, I am guessing. He talks about how the Lord guided the founding of America. It totally piggybacks on last week’s Come, Follow Me reading that included 1 Nephi 13, where Nephi saw in vision the colonizing of America and the Revolutionary War.



In hindsight, we can see that those things happened to prepare the way for the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This month’s Ensign magazine has an extensive article right here about the same topic by Elder Ballard. He speaks about God guiding Joseph Smith’s family and then asks us to look for God’s hand in our own lives.


As we consider how the Lord’s hand was manifested in the lives of the Smith family, we need to recognize that His hand is also manifested in each of our lives. Looking for the hand of the Lord in our lives takes spiritual sensitivity and, in many cases, time and perspective. Fortunately, patriarchal blessings, personal journals, and personal life histories can provide a lens to see how the Lord’s hand is manifest in our lives.

Yes! I agree! It’s so important to keep journals and go back and read them too! Doing so brings so much peace and joy to my life, helping me make sense out of what sometimes seems like chaos.

Below is a companion speech by David Barton, who shows that the American Founding Fathers were overwhelmingly Christian.

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