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August 2021 Back to School Sale on Tuttle Twins Books

Here’s a message from Connor Boyack, the author of the Tuttle Twins books: “Millions of kids are now returning to school… but what will they be taught? Our view is that most schools have two major problems: sins of commission and sins … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday, Wed. 1/29/20, Gameschooling Day #18 of 2020

Today was History/Geography Day for our 2020 #abookagameaday gameschooling challenge. So we did the above book, featuring the backstory of the Star-spangled Banner. Because of this book, I understand how the Star-Spangled Banner came to be. I already knew about … Continue reading

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DIY Timeline Cards Game

  Here’s a DIY card game to increase knowledge of historical events/facts. It’s modeled after the Timeline Game. You can make it for any history period.   I made the cards above for my Hero Project which involves the World … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday: Thurs. 1/9/20, Gameschooling Day #4 of 2020

Thursday we do our homeschool co-op on steroids, aka a Commonwealth School or Family Liber School. (Some people call it different names but it’s basically the same thing.) I went out thrifting afterwards in the afternoon/early evening. So we didn’t … Continue reading

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#abookandagameaday: Tuesday 1/7/2020, Gameschooling Day of 2020 #2

Tuesdays we do math for our gameschooling. So we played Qwirkle and 7Ate9. I love Qwirkle because it’s strategy and patterns. I love 7Ate9 because it hopefully motivates kids to get their adding and subtracting math facts down. The game … Continue reading

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#Notbacktoschool, or How to Ease Back into Homeschooling after August is over!

Sorry for the blogging hiatus! I’ve been having extended family time and I’m also working on a project that I will announce sometime in the next few months. I love summer! It’s that time of year when you hear talk … Continue reading

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Is TJEd Dead?

Somebody in one of my discussion groups brought up a question recently, asking “Is TJEd dead?” TJEd, in case you are new to homeschooling, is an abbreviation for Thomas Jefferson Education. It is a philosophy of education outlined in … Continue reading

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