August 2021 Back to School Sale on Tuttle Twins Books

Here’s a message from Connor Boyack, the author of the Tuttle Twins books:

“Millions of kids are now returning to school… but what will they be taught?

Our view is that most schools have two major problems: sins of commission and sins of omission

Sins of commission are where teachers and textbooks are committing misinformation—bias, propaganda, and more. They’re teaching bad ideas, like Critical Race Theory or that capitalism is a problem, and that government is the solution.

Sins of omission are when these groups omit important ideas that kids need to learn—like the morality of free markets, how entrepreneurship works, sound money, what our rights are, and more. This stuff simply isn’t taught

Which is why today we’re launching a huge Back to School Sale

Through Friday night, get all of this for $89.77:

  • All12 award-winning children’s books
  • All 12 PDF activity workbooks to keep your kids learning after they read the books
  • All 12 PDF parent guides so that mom and dad are fully up to speed on the ideas taught in the books
  • All 12 MP3 read-along audiobooks so your kids can listen as they learn

Oh, and we’re throwing in another fun mystery item, but you have to click here to see what it is. 😎

Many of you homeschool, and for you the Tuttle Twins can be a kind of “curriculum” to teach your kids economic, civic, and historical ideas.

But many of you have kids in public, private, or charter school. For you, the Tuttle Twins is a “supplement” to help make sure your children are well-rounded and exposed to these ideas, since they’re typically not taught in school.

And if anything, they’re likely being taught opposite ideas in school… so then the Tuttle Twins becomes a kind of “antidote” to false ideas they’re exposed to.

Last year’s back to school sale was a HUGE hit, and so many parents emailed us in the weeks following disappointed they missed it. 

So take advantage today and get this screaming deal.

More importantly, share the link with your friends and neighbors so they can grab these for their kids. We need to reach more families, and you can help!

Reminder, deal ends Friday night. Here’s the link: Tuttle Twins Back to School Sale!

Let’s spread the word and help get the Tuttle Twins into more homes across the country!


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